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As a child, I didn’t understand what being a Capricorn meant; it was a confusing name for something I knew nothing about. As a teenager, I downloaded the Co-Star app to get a more descriptive interpretation of my Zodiac sign, and when I visited The Strand in NYC , I found that they had an extensive amount of books on astrology. However, I’ve found that my greatest source of information for all things astrology has been one of my best friends, Dominic! In our circle of friends, Dom is always able to answer any questions we have about astrology, the planets, and our zodiac signs. I’ve asked him to share some of his knowledge on the subject, so here are his thoughts on the world of astrology:

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I: Hey Dom! First thing’s first: what are your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

Hi! Thanks for taking time out of your day to interview me about this, I’m happy to share all that I know. I am a Pisces sun, Pisces moon, and a Virgo rising. 


I: When did you first become interested in astrology?

That's hard to say. I can’t give you an exact age or date, but it definitely started when I was quite young. I remember my mom would always read her horoscope in the New York Post - and at a young age you want to do everything your parents do - so I’d also read mine. Little did I know how enticing astrology was and how much I would learn as I grew. Another thing that could be accredited to my love of astrology was my fascination with the stars and outer space as a child. I used to read so many books about the solar system, decorate my room with glow-in-the-dark star stickers, and go stargazing with my telescope! (Fun fact: when I was younger, one of my favorite episodes of Blue’s Clues was the episode where Steve traveled to space and sang the song about the solar system!) The more I learned about space and constellations, the more I learned about astrology. So, my fascination started when I was quite young, but I’ve been seriously studying astrology for about 6-7 years now!


I: What are birth charts and why do they matter? Aren’t Sun, Moon, and Rising signs enough to know about a person?

A birth chart is a diagram that pinpoints exactly where the Sun, Moon, (dwarf) planets, and asteroids were at the time of your birth in accordance with the zodiac constellations! It’s so interesting and unique to each individual: it’s your personal map of the sky when you were born. In order to figure out what is in your birth chart, you would need to know your birth date, time of birth and location/timezone of where you were born. To answer your next question, it’s true that your sun, moon and rising signs are the three most important aspects of yourself (in astrology they are referred to as the Big 3), however, there is so much more to you than just those three placements; Your birth chart gives you a far more in-depth analysis. Each celestial body has symbolism and governs certain aspects of an individual, and knowing how each planet works with the planets in your chart is crucial to understanding yourself on an astrological level. Through the analysis of your chart, you can find areas of conflict or harmony, and it's hard to evaluate when just going off of your Big 3. 


I: Do you think horoscopes are accurate?

Yes and no; horoscopes are a controversial issue within astrology, largely because it gives astrologers a bad reputation. Where astrologers research the stars and analyze birth charts with a great deal of knowledge and information, horoscopes serve as a more general blurb of ambiguity that can apply to almost everything. Because of its vagueness, people often link horoscopes to astrology and therefore dismiss the notion of astrology being rooted in research. People fail to realize how multi-faceted astrology is because of the connotation of horoscopes. Horoscopes use very limited knowledge about the sun signs, and give a prediction of the day or week, which is why many are skeptical of how in-depth astrology can be. I can’t lie, I have a horoscope app that I check daily, and I still read my horoscope in the newspaper. I let it serve as a general overview of my day, although I am somewhat superstitious, so I do accredit anything unusual that happens to my horoscope. They are accurate to some degree, so to an extent, yes, I believe in them, but it’s best to take horoscopes with a grain of salt, and focus on astrology for guidance. 

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I: I know you’ve also become interested in tarot cards. Are they related to astrology in any way?

Just like my previous response, my answer is both yes and no. Tarot cards can be tools for spiritual guidance all on their own, however there are connections between tarot and astrology. Just like with a deck of playing cards, tarot cards have four suits: wands, pentacles, swords, and cups (chalices). Each one of these suits are connected with the four elements: fire, earth, air and water - and as you, know every zodiac sign is linked to an element. Wands are symbolic of ambition, inspiration, passion and sexuality, connecting it to the element of fire (benefiting Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). Pentacles represent foundation, stability and nature, making is a perfect match for the earth element (benefiting Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Swords symbolize a balance between power and intellect, as well as idealism; these are intangible notions of thought, so it’s linked to the intangible element of air (which benefits Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). Lastly the cups deal with fluidity, healing, and emotions, and are therefore linked to my favorite element, water (consisting of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces). When dealt a card that has a suit linked with your element, the effects are said to be more prominent and long lasting, both in the positive and negative sense. Every zodiac sign is linked with a specific image on a tarot card. More often than not, if you’re into tarot, you’ll be into astrology; both are forms of divination and often go hand-in-hand. It is important to note that while Tarot encompasses astrology in quite a few aspects, astrology in itself doesn’t necessarily include connections to Tarot (so you won’t find info about these cards while looking at your birth chart or horoscope for example). I personally use my cards as another form of divination and link it with my study and knowledge of astrology, but the beauty behind the cards is that they are up for interpretation.


I:  How has studying astrology impacted your life and the person you are?

Through my study of astrology I felt like I have learned and understood more about who I am as a person. It has paved the way for introspection, and I feel more connected to the world around me - spiritually and physically. I am more in-tune with the changing of zodiac seasons and the phases of the moon, and I love how astrology has given me a new appreciation for the universe. I’ve also learned more about my friends and family through close inspections of their birth charts, and it has helped me shape the way I communicate with them. We have a better understanding as to how our minds and hearts work, and I love to see how they choose to take that information and use it to grow. Astrology is a great tool to use to better understand your friends, family, partner, and yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. 

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I: If presented with the opportunity, would you ever want to incorporate astrology into your future career?

I already have! I am majoring in both studio art and art education, and minoring in fashion design. As a Pisces, they’re some of the best career choices for me! Pisces are artistic, creative, sensitive, and imaginative, so going into a career where I can channel my emotions and creativity is perfect for me. I love using my artistic side in order to portray astrology (I have designed custom zodiac mugs, written a lengthy document (which I plan on turning into a book), created paintings inspired by my sign, and plan on doing so much more!). I have truly found my passion with art and astrology, and love how I can combine them in so many unique ways! 

I just want to thank you for this interview - I can talk about astrology until I’m blue in the face! It means so much that you took the time to consider me for Her Campus. I hope everyone has learned a thing or two about astrology and what it means to me.

If you have questions for Dom about the world of astrology, his Instagram is @dom.228.

Hey there! My name's Isabella and I'm a senior at Adelphi University. I'm an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, and while I love most fiction, I’m a sucker for love stories. When I’m not reading (or writing) said love stories, you can find me drawing, binging New Girl and Gilmore Girls, or getting coffee with my friends!
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