Movies to Watch this Spring Break

Spring Break is here and we are so ready. It’s about that time when you will chose staying in and studying to going out with friends, going on vacation, sleeping in, but the best part is you can have movie nights with your gals and not thing about school work. Here are the movies that you should definitely be watching your spring break.



Christopher Robin (Netflix)

The “Tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff” that we all grew up with and adored is back and done in live action. Christopher Robin, once the fun loving boy who would play in the enchanted neighborhood with Winnie the Pooh and all his friends, is now grown up with his own family and has adult responsibilities. Often choosing his work over family one day an old friend appears back in his life to remind him what is important in life, that is beside Honey of course.



To All the Boys I’ve Loved (Netflix)

A movie that was instantly loved by many and already in talks about having a sequel. The story about high schooler Lara Jean’s normal life being turned upside down when her secret love letters go out was an instant hit. This is definitely the movie to watch with your gals.

Feminist, What Were They Thinking? (Netflix)


Director Johanna Demetrakas revists a photo book from 1970s that had women from all walks of life and that had and are still shedding a light and fighting for equal rights for all men and women. Demetrakas interviews well known feminists that have been fighting for equality since the rise of the women movement. Some of the well known feminist like, Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Sally Kirkland, Laurie Anderson, and much more.



The Birdcage (Netflix and Amazon Prime) -

Starting the comedic duo of Nathan Lane and the late Robin Williams, The Birdcage is about Albert and Armand Goldman, a gay couple that owns and works at the popular Drag Club under their apartment. Everything works well that is until Armond’s son, from a former girlfriend before he came out, comes home from college and announces to them that he is getting married to a girl whose father is a right wing conservative and now they have to meet.



Edward Scissorhands (Hulu) -

The love story that captivated all young teens. Edward Scissorhands is a man who was created by a scientist out of parts. When his maker dies from a heart attack and leaves poor edward to himself that is until Peg Boggs, a makeup sales person, walks to the dark gothic castle that Edward had been living in with his master, and she takes a chance on him and brings him home. This story is a loving tale about difference, standing out, and loving people despite their differences.


(And a young cute Johnny Depp doesn’t hurt either)


9 to 5 (Hulu) -

One of the best feminist films to date. Jane Fonda, Louis Tomlin, and Dolly Parton play women in the office who decided to take revenge over their disrespectful and horrible boss. This is a must see for all women.



Spring Break is here and since it’s still a little chilly out it is the perfect time to stay in with friends and watch some movies for a girls night in. It’s time to pop the popcorn and put on your coziest pjs and hang with the girls.