Making Herstory: "National Businesswomen's Day" + "Dear Diary Day"

September 22nd is here and it’s not just any other Monday, ladies. It’s both “National Businesswomen’s Day” and “Dear Diary Day”. It may seem like these topics have nothing in common, but they’re more similar than you’d think. Businesswomen have made such great strides towards achieving the equality us women deserve and strive day in and day out to make the most of their lives.

What’s the point of the progress these women have made if it goes undocumented? How does she leave a legacy to the person that matters most: herself? She keeps a diary. Now there are many excuses we create for not keeping a diary: it’s time consuming, it’s pointless, or “I’d rather not remember certain moments…” Whichever excuse you choose, in the famous words of Queen Elsa, “Let it go!” There are so many pros to keeping a diary that outweigh these cons that’ll significantly improve your life:

It’s your very own time capsule. What’s cooler than always being able to recall exactly how you felt during the most monumental moments of your life? Time heals; it’s fascinating to be able refer to exactly how we felt in these moments. Also, as much as we don’t like to admit it, we’re all going to grow old one day, and with our age goes our memory. When you have a diary, that isn’t an issue because you’ll have all of your memories safely stored.

It’s therapeutic. It will always be there for you like no other friend will. Whenever you need to get something off your chest, you can always turn your dear pal diary. It’ll always be your shoulder to cry on which is much healthier than keeping it bottled up. It’s the one place you can say anything and everything that’s on your mind without being judged.

You can learn from it. A diary not only is a source for the past, but also a tool for the future. You can look back at your life and see how the decisions you’ve made impacted your life. You’ll realize the good decisions you’ve made and can learn from the not-so-good ones. It’s a really cool way to track how far you’ve come and get an idea of what direction you’re headed in.

The only question you should have left is, “how do I get started?” The answer is really whichever way works best for you. You can start by writing once a month and then find ways to gradually fit it into your schedule, or even by writing one sentence every day and build up from there. Once you start journaling, I promise you that you’ll find success in every aspect of life. Happiness and strength first and foremost come from within, and once we have those in our bloodstream, we can do anything. Also, how else can we make history herstory if we don’t record our achievements?