Living with the Inaccessibility of Online Learning

After 10 months of living in a pandemic, every college student has become an expert with technology. However, the switch to online learning has taken a toll on students, especially those that need additional accommodations. 

I have received extra time on exams for about 8 years, but nothing has been more difficult for me than online learning. Between the uncertainty on the part of students and professors and the lack of structure, Zoom University has me beat. 

While the Spring semester was a test run, the Fall semester has been ten times more intense. Many professors assigned extra lectures to be watched outside of class time and tests that take 3 times longer to complete. However, it’s a new reality that many students have had to try to accommodate themselves to, and it’s especially difficult for those with learning disabilities. 

From my personal experience, here are a few tips that helped me get through this semester with my learning disability: 

1. Stay engaged.

While this is no small feat for many, I have found that when I have my camera off for class I do not listen and I tend to get easily distracted. However, when I ask questions or have my camera on I am more conscious of the lectures. 

2. Make lists.

It is very easy for me to forget everything that I have to do in a day along with due dates for 5 classes. My workspace is covered with multicolored sticky notes and sheets of paper with to-do lists. I find it most helpful when assignments pile up mid- semester and during finals. 

3. Take a break.

With everything being online, it’s so easy to stay on your computer all day and work until your eyes can’t stay open any longer. However, it’s important to break away and disconnect from all the technology. My favorite break activity is having a snack or doing a few stretches in my room. 


These three tips have helped me immensely throughout the semester and I hope they help you too! Remember that there is a pandemic, so it’s okay if you aren’t working at your most efficient capacity. We’re allowed to take breaks and we can only do our best to work through it!