Little Mix’s New Album, Confetti, is Literally Filled With Confetti

On Friday, November 6, the British girl-group, Little Mix (composed of Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall), dropped their sixth album, Confetti. Mixers, the fandom name for Little Mix, got a taste of the album for the past couple of months as Little Mix dropped five of the album’s tracks as singles: “Break Up Song,” “Holiday,” “Sweet Melody,” “Happiness,” and “Not A Pop Song”. I remember listening to these singles, and developing a strong attachment to “Holiday,” and “Sweet Melody,” when I knew that I would become impatient waiting for the album to drop. I even started feeling that this would be the album that would get Little Mix to regain their prominence in the United States. Well, I was proven right. Let’s get into it.

    The album’s titular track, “Confetti,” is a banger. It is very upbeat and fun. I bet if we weren’t still stuck in Covid times, partygoers would be getting down to this song in the club. The song is about thriving after being stuck in a relationship that just wasn’t satisfying for you. This message is reflective in the chorus when Jade and Jesy sing, “From the sky, drop like confetti / All eyes on me, so V.I.P / All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti / Drop it down / You’re missin’ me, but I’m finally free / I got what I need, so let it rain down like confetti.” It is a very catchy song and upon first listen, you will be hooked.

    “Nothing But My Feelings” is a bubbly song. It is about wanting your partner to come over because you’re just wanting them. This is reflected in the chorus when the women sing, “I’m layin’ here in nothin’ but my feelings / Thinkin’ bout’ our shadows on the ceiling / Waiting for you (Waitin’ for you, baby) / So you should probably come through / If you know what’s good for you”. As you can see, it is as if the girls are saying, “I miss you. I am wanting you. I need you right now. So please come over now.” Next time you’re in that position, you should listen to this song to help you cope with the feeling, or maybe help you get the courage to give your partner a call so that they can come over. 

    “My Love Won’t Let You Down” is a powerful ballad. The women pour their heart and soul into this romantic themed song. The song is emotional as it discusses being there for your partner during hard times. This is conveyed in the chorus when the women sing, “I’ll be there with you / No matter what you’re goin’ through / I’ll be there with you / Anytime that you need me to / When there’s no one else around / On your last breath callin’ out / Trust me, my love won’t let you down.” These lyrics alone just let you know that this is a very down to earth song. It also reminds you of an important component in a relationship: being there for your partner in times of need. Little Mix did a fantastic job on this song. 

    I will give this album a rating of five stars. As stated in the title, it is literally filled with confetti; each song, whether it be upbeat or slowed down, contains that pizzazz that is celebrated with the explosion of confetti. Once again, the group has proven their fantastic and heavenly musical taste, which has earned them the recognition they so deserve. The forty minutes of this album is so worth your time. Check out Little Mix’s Confetti on any platform you access your music. Enjoy!