Lessons that Mean Girls Taught Us

This October 3 follows on a Wednesday. That’s right the day that Cady told Aaron the date falls on the day that we wear a certain bright and pastel color. It has been 14 years since the Word of Mean Girls was brought to our attention from the help of the hilarious Tina Fey. Since then we have Mean Girls on Broadway, something we wanted but didn't know we needed until came to us. But with the 14 years to celebrate here are some of the lessons that we all learned and should live by.  



  • Pink is always for Wednesday
    • Let’s admit it, a little bit of pink can work wonders.



  • Playing with Fire Will Only Get You Burned
    • You may think that you're playing smart being both the good girl and the mean girl, no pun intended but in the end, like Cady, you might end up hurting the people you are pretending to be friends with as well as people you are actually friends with.


  • Don’t Judge a book on it’s cover

    • Some people can be white and from Africa and some people can be from Michigan no need to question it.



  • Being yourself is the only way to be really happy

    •     No one else can play a better you than you. So be your cool or your weird self and be true to you. 



  • October 3 should be a national holiday
    • We all know it and I think it's a holiday that should be a national holiday so we can get out of work and classes and all just watch Mean Girls all day don’t you?



Mean Girls has taught us many amazing lessons and amazing catchphrase. Mean Girls has taught us to love ourselves, the be nice to others. Movies like this, that touch many people, don’t come out that often, but when they do, they fill our hearts with pure joy and understatement...that fetch is be a thing!