I Let My Friends Choose my Outfits and Well…

I Let My Friends Choose my Outfits and Well…

I would never say that I’m a fashionista, or at least when it comes to myself. When it comes to others I can definitely lend a helping hand. So this past week, I let my friends chose my clothes based on two colors. I asked two of my best friends to help me with this issue!




So with the help of some friends I decided to use those two colors. I would plan out my outfits with those two colors in mind.





I left my clothes out the night before so I would be ready to grab my clothes and then run out. I wore a simple V-Neck sweater shirt, emerald color shirt with a pair of my favorite Levi jeans and Timberland Boots. The shirt is  seemingly hi-low and not very ideal for the cold New York weather. Especially since the shirt cuts fairly close to the top of my breasts but not enough to reveal much.

Although I’m a very shy person, the shirt I kept closed by my Adidas zip up jacket. Realizing that I was kind of  dismissing the purpose of the exercise, I decided to open the jacket but kept the parts together by putting one side over the other. But when I was taking notes in class I didn’t realized that my jacket opened and revealed my shirt.


I was about to close it when I heard one of the girls next to me whisper, “OMG I LOVE that shirt. Where’d you get it?” I was still in slight shock that it opened, so I whispered back that it was a gift from this past christmas.


Later on that day, I received a few more compliments from other people about my shirt and with each one I felt better about the shirt and more confident about myself wearing it.




(Similar to my shirt since I couldn’t get a decent picture of me in it)


    Day Two,  I wore jeans again but I added some heeled boots and for the maroon, I had to wear a wore a maroon sweater shirt with a long neckline. I was feeling good by the end of the day on Day 1, so I decided to go with that particular maroon shirt.

Although it wasn’t the best shirt to wear, again NY weather,  it was complimented on by a couple other people. Not as much as the other day since the campus closed early due to the snow.






A day after the snow, it was  quite cold but the news report read that it was a bit warmer than the other day. I wore a knit skirt that had parts of maroon as well as white, red, and purple in it. Since the material had an appearance for something you should wear to work or your internship, I couldn’t wear a T-shirt and sneakers. Instead, I wore my favorite heeled boots and nice hot pink, almost maroon shirt. Although I was honestly very cold I did very much like the outfit I put together and did feel a bit adult-like  dressing up a bit more for my classes than I usually do.





So day four, I wore an emerald skirt since it was my only other mainly emerald colored clothes that I owned. It’s one of my favorite skirts, mostly because it has pockets! I wore it with a nice white shirt and my healed boots again. It was great to be able to have a place to throw my phone quickly into my pockets when I was in a rush or put some cash in a pocket when I went to grab lunch with class. This is one outfit that I would definitely wear over again.  


Overall I did like that with just two simple colors I was given the chance to change my routine and different colors than my usually different colors I wore. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed every moment of it and would want to do it again.