I Came, I Saw, I Contoured–A Girl’s Guide to Getting Ready for GNO

      One of the most enjoyable yet difficult experiences a girl can have in her life is what we like to call, “Girls Night Out.” GNO is a night where a girl can go out, be with her friends and enjoy all life has to offer. But if it is supposed to be enjoyable, then why can it be so difficult? Well, the difficulty comes with what happens before you go out with your girls, and that is getting ready.

    It is Friday night and you and your girls decide to go on a city adventure. Reservations were made for the Sugar Factory, and you have no idea what you are going to wear or how to do your hair. You start to panic and you cancel your entire afternoon plans to devote your time to figuring out how to get ready.

    Makeup should be the first thing on your to-do list.  For a night adventure in the city, a more edgy or mysterious look can be what you are looking as opposed to something more natural. Applying foundation would be the first step. Make sure you apply makeup on your neck so you do not look multicolored. Next would be to contour. Contouring is very easy and easily accessible when shopping for makeup. You can either get the cream or the powder palette, it all depends on the kind of skin you have. Once you have finished contouring and highlighting your face you can use highlights or illuminators to highlight the top of your cheekbone to contrast the contour underneath. This provides your face with a more distinguished shape. After you have finished contouring your face, it is time to do your eyeshadow. Smokey eyes is the go to for most girls, however it can be difficult for those who are not experienced with makeup. If you can not seem to perfect the smokey eye look, dark brown eyeshadow can work too. Simple winged eyeliner or no eyeliner can also help with the look. If you are going to do winged eyeliner, it is important that you do not make your wing so long or thick because it can ruin the whole effect of the look. A small yet subtle wing should do the trick. Lastly, you cannot forget mascara and eyebrows. This should be your finishing touches when it comes to makeup. Feel free to add more if you feel it necessary such as lipstick or false eyelashes. Makeup is a skill that you acquire by practicing, so do not get frustrated if it does not come out like a professional cosmetologist did it. It is easier than you think, all you need is patience!


    Now that you have finished putting your entire face on, it is time to decide what to wear. If it is just a night with your girls, sometimes it is best to dress comfortably yet cute. This would rule out those tight dresses that make it hard for you to breathe until you turn blue in the face. You can always go with leggings and a nice shirt or even jeans. However, when in doubt, go with black. Black is such a classic color and it can add to that mysterious, edgy look you were aiming for. Whatever outfit you decide on, by simply dressing nice, it can set the tone for the kind of night you are going to have. If you “look good,” you tend to “feel good.” Which bring us to the final part that ties the whole look together, your hair.


    If you really wanted to, you can take the easy way out and straighten your hair like every other girl. In my opinion, straightening your hair can really flatten it out and get rid of that natural volume your hair should have. Besides the fact that straightening your hair gives it a dull look, the heat from the straightener can potentially damage it. I recommend blowing your hair out. It gives your hair a natural look and does not damage your hair as much as a straightening iron. After an entire afternoon of trial and error with your makeup, clothes and hair, it is just about time to meet up with your girls. You stop to look in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect and add on any last minute accessories. This night of adventure is well deserved after a long week of stress and you should go out and enjoy it.