How to Up Your Instagram Game

We all have an instagram obsession in this day and age. Whether it’s just an artsy picture of the donut ice cream along the colored wall, or it’s you jumping in the air with the New York City skyline at the back, everything needs to be Instagrammed. Therefore, in order to help you guys create a lively and aesthetically pleasing feed, I’ve decided to help you out with some tips that I use myself.


1. Consistency is KEY!



Whether we agree to it or not, we all love consistency in life. As humans, we tend to carry over our thoughts and feelings onto other, everyday things as well. We have a routine, and we like seeing that uniformity in social media as well. Always, always, always, follow a certain pattern. The pattern gives your audience a way to gauge the content you showcase.


2. Always have a theme



This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. Maintaining a theme makes it easier to maintain stability with your posts. You can post about anything you like - from pets, to scenic views, to even makeup. Just make sure you have a certain topic, and a certain color scheme for your posts.


3. Quality over Quantity



We all have that moment when we see something amazing - like the Empire State Building lit in the colors of the American flag, or Ed Sheeran live at the Barclays Center. We take at least a hundred shots, hoping to get the perfect one. Sometimes, we lose track of the fact that taking multiple pictures is fine, but posting almost all of them on Instagram within an hour’s gap isn’t. Therefore, focus on the quality of one shot, by making sure the resolution is good, not blurry or pixilated. Choose quality over quantity.


4. Edit, Edit, Edit



Each picture taken can ALWAYS be made more appealing to the eyes. Make sure you use the editing tool provided to you by Instagram to increase the likability of the post. Use features like Brightness/Contrast, Straighten, Fade, Sharpen, and Adjust to make the picture look more professional, and less amateurish.


5. Do NOT Over-do it



Don’t over-do it with each post. There’s nothing great in adding three or four filters. If you think the lighting is bad, just go for a standard black and white filter. Classic looks are better than over the top and dramatic looks.


6. Symmetry is Essential



Symmetry is always going to be pleasing to the eye. Draw your inspiration from nature, man made objects and people. It is very important to have structure in an image, to help individuals relate to the photograph better.


7. Keep it Simple



No one likes an overcrowded feed, with lots of abstraction and lots of text in the picture. Unless your theme allows you to maintain abstract concepts, never clutter your image or feed. Often you’d find simpler, more realistic pictures more compelling than something too complicated to understand. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it allows the viewer to scroll through more of your content without having to put too much effort into just one post. We all live in a time when we like having everything at our disposal. Instagram is an app where people spend a few seconds to minutes just checking everyone's posts. Therefore, the simpler the post, the better it is for the viewer.

If you follow these seven rules or tips, I can assure you that your feed will start to come together in a more captivating and creatively powerful manner. I follow these rules as well, and I over the months, people have started appreciating my profile more. If you’d like to have a look, go onto @shreya24x7!