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How to Deal: Tackling Shyness

Sometimes making friends and being social can be scary and difficult. Socializing is a very important part of life, and whether you like it or not, you will always have to interact with people one way or another. There are so many benefits from socializing though. It helps with making friends, forming bonds, and even networking for possible jobs in the future. Sometimes we all need some help on figuring out how to do it right. Here are some steps to being a social butterfly:


Although it may seem obvious, smiling is so important when trying to approach people. When you have a negative look on your face, people might sub-consciously take you for being unfriendly or unapproachable.  Having a smile or generally positive expression on your face invites people in to talk and get to know you. 

Be Friendly

It doesn’t matter how you do it: help someone if you see them struggling, start a conversation with the person sitting next to you in class, compliment someone. Just be open to people, and they will be open back to you and appreciate your efforts. 


Laughing always brings people together, shows that you are invested in what the other person is saying, and that you are genuinely enjoying yourself. 

Stand/Sit Up Straight

Body language says a lot about a person’s personality and approachability. If you keep yourself looking alert and interested, not shrunken down, tired, or uninterested, you would be surprised at how people will act toward you. 

Keep An Open Mind 

We might not always hit it off 100% when we first meet someone, but who knows what the future brings? Never shut someone out right away, you don’t know what is happening in their life that day, or how much you two could click if you give it time. 

Know How Awesome You are

Feeling confident is a huge aspect of socializing. Know that you’re great, and there is no reason for someone to not want to talk to you! Try to fight that shyness you’re feeling, and get out there. You got this! 



Melissa is a journalism student at Adelphi University, and hopes to one day write for magazines and/various media types.
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