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Her Campus Resolutions!

The ladies of Her Campus Adelphi were asked what their New Year resoultions for 2015 are! 



"To finally decide what career I want to go into!" - Carolyn Garcia 



"To not be so hard on myself in the New Year. :)" - Ewelina Gadek & Amanda Irace 



"To make the most of every opportunity, not let stress get to me and put myself outthere as much as possible!" - Natalie Hunter


"To not stress the little things and learn to let go of what angers or annoys me instead of holding onto it. Breath it in for a second, then let it go." - Samantha Gates 


"To become a better version of myself, physically, mentally, professionally, and spiritually." - Elieen Interiano 

Hi HC readers! I am a senior at Adelphi University studying Communications with a concentration in Journalism. I am also a Marketing minor and am a member of various campus organizations. I will be serving as the HC Adelphi Campus Correspondent. Our chapter will keep you in the loop of all the Adelphi happenings along with college life articles written by the students for the students!   Check out our website to learn more about us and how you can become apart of the HC team at AU! Also, dont forget to check out our social media pages, also listed on the website. http://hercampusadelphi.weebly.com/    
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