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HC Back to School Survival Kits #BLESSED

It’s never easy to return back to school after having such a great summer with Netflix. Luckily, HC Nationals know about the #struggle life and blessed us with the best back-to-school essentials in our survival kit.

Here’s what’s been helping us get through the fall semester:

Chipotle Bogo Cards These are literally everything for us Chipotle lovers. We can add guac feeling guilt free and walk away with a free bowl/taco/salad…or we can be nice and treat a friend. Chipotle also makes for the perfect fuel during those intense study sessions.

TRESemme – Who has time to look like Beyonce when you have an 8AM you need to run to. Not me! 99% of the time I look a potato sack, but at least with the TRESemme sea salt spray, I can actually tame my hair and give it nice beachy looking waves without running late. With a quick spritz, you’re good to go. I can’t guarente you that you’ll look like Beyonce though. There’s only one Queen Bey.


Penguin Random House – We got the chance to preview E. Lockhart’s “we were liars” and David Levithan’s “every day another day” and let’s just say we found the perfect reads for a good R&R.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – NYC is known for its bipolar weather, which is not cute for our skin. With Palmer’s cocoa butter, we can return the moisture that’s lost during the chilly season and keep it feeling hydrated and smooth. The cool part about this cocobutter stick is how easy it is to take on the go. You can just throw it in your bag and apply it wherever you are, whether it be on your hands, arms, or lips. The possibilities are endless with cocobutter! Talk about a true life saver.

Cold-EEZE – Ahh how could we have gotten through allergy season and these tough colds without Cold-EEZE. These lozanges take away your cold in an instant. You’ll be feeling refreshed and energized to start running the world again.

New York Color – Eyeshadow sticks have made a comeback and are here to stay this time. They’re perfect for those lazy days when you don’t feel like trying too hard, but you also don’t want to look like a character from The Walking Dead. They also make great eyeshadow bases and helps your eyeshadow prevent from creasing.

credit: http://funsizebeauty.blogspot.com/2015/02/new-york-color-cityproof-24hr….

5-Hour ENERGY ® – As much as we’ve been warned to avoid last minute cramming sessions, sometimes we can’t help ourselves. Some of us have too much going on and so little time to get everything done weeks in advance. Now, I’m not saying this is a great alternative to avoid sleeping, but it’s a great energy booster. You’ll be ready to tackle those cram sessions like the #boss that you are.

Zing™ Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener – I don’t know about you, but there’s been too many times that I’ve been unhappy with unsweetened drinks. You want it to be sweet, but then you don’t want all the calories that comes with added sugar. We lost the freshman 15 and have come so far already. Why turn back now! I’m a huge fan of Zing and I must say it definitely comes in handy when my unsweetened iced tea is not on point.

Martha Stewart Crafts – Everything you need for crafting you’ll find in Martha Stewart’s collection. From glitter pens to unique paint colors, our gal Martha knows what’s up.

MZ Wallace – The everyday handbag for a boss lady running the world!

We also received info about amazing organizations who are doing so much in our community.

Actually She Can – We’re all over this empowering campaign! It’s helping young women learn and share information with one another about healthcare and wellness, including contraceptive options. The campaign is built around a new educational website that provides content and advice on health-related topics, such as body image, dietary habits, exercise and relationships.

She’s The First – This organization is a blessing for so many young girls. They provide scholarships to girls in low-income countries with the goal of creating first-generation graduates and our next generation of global.

My Social Canvas– Apparel and lifestyle products designed by students for a cause. Their motto: Design a life you love!

If you’re feeling super jealous after reading about the amazing goodies we got in our survival kits, then #sorrynotsorry.. Just kidding! We want you guys to be just as prepared as us this semester, which is why we’re hosting a giveaway on our Instagram. The deadline to enter is October 28th, so make sure you enter right away!

Thanks HC for getting us through another semester, yet again. We love you!

Carolyn Garcia is a Junior at Adelphi University. She was part of the Her Campus High School Journalism and Publicity Ambassador program during her junior year of high school and that opportunity was what allowed her to discover her passion of writing for media. Since then, she's become a Social Media rep for Seventeen, a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com, a Campus rep for Rent the Runway, a contributor for TheDaily411.com, and a Campus Ambassador for CAMBIO #BUILTBYGIRLS She's now the publicity/social media coordinator for Her Campus Adelphi, which she couldn't be more excited about. If you're interested in becoming best friends with her, you should tell her you love Taylor Swift and Chocolate Mint Tea.
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