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HC Adelphi’s Halloween Costume Guide 2014

Halloween is a time when you get to pick any costume you want. Be anybody or thing. That is easier said then done. Who has the time to actually plan anything any more? Well here I am to help the process along.

Group Costume could be fun for everyone involved; coming up with an idea that everyone agrees on may not be so fun. 

A great solution to the problem could be going as your favorite characters.  This could range from Disney characters to Ninja Turtles. That way everyone gets a chance to be something great. It will also make for some hysterical pictures to look back on.

A second option for group costumes is dressing up as a profession.  A whole group of you can just dress up in army gear or even be flight attendants. It is simple, easy, and uniformed. No hard feelings for anybody.

Couple Costumes might be a little easier to take on. Seriously think about all the cute couples out there.

 One thing you and your significant other can dress up has are famous celebrity couples.   Bonnie and Clyde? Cher and Sonny?  Marge and Homer? Michelle and Obama? The amount of amazing possibilities is endless.m

When it comes to couple costumes it does not necessarily have to be with a significant other. It could be with your best friend.  Golden duos are a fixture through out pop culture. So finding an idea is not hard at all.  You and your friend could be anyone from Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum to Mario and Luigi.

DYI costumes are for those on a budget. These costumes can be just as fantastic as buying one. 

If you are DYI, you might want to consider going as a famous literary character.  For example, Divergent was a huge movie this year and the main character was Tris. Through out the whole movie she wears black and leather.  It’s that simple. Throw on some black pants, shirt, boots, and a leather accessory and you got yourself a costume.

Going as a nerd or some sort of high school stereotype is easy and cheap as well. All you have to do is going through your closest or raid your friends.

Sexy costumes. What would Halloween be without sexy costumes? This is the one night were everyone has an excuse to dress up as a sexy something and there is no judgment. Well, maybe a little.

It isn’t a sexy costume without being some sort of sexy animal. Costumes can range from, sexy bunny, sexy cat, or even a sexy bear. You can seriously pick any animal and make it sexy on Halloween.

Another idea for a sexy costume is going old school. Dress up has a pinup or sexy sailor will make everyone envious when you walk in the room.

Creative/Unique costumes area way to get those artistic juices following.  It is Halloween after all, so anything goes.

If you want to be creative/unique try going out side of the box. What about going as a logo. The brawny man or even going as the paper towel will have you been the talk of the party.

Going as your favorite toy or candy is creative as well.  Troll Dolls, for example, is something that is unique with out being too crazy. Not to mention you will have to get a great wig to with that costume. 

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