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Harry Styles Arrives at Adelphi University

Note: This Instagram account is not affiliated with Harry Styles or Adelphi University, the content is just a parody for comedic purposes.

Recently, an Instagram account known as @harryatadelphi has gained popularity in the Adelphi community.  The account includes images of Harry Styles at different locations on campus as he logs his educational experience here.  I myself am a big fan of Harry, and I was so excited to see him popping up at Adelphi!  I decided to interview “Harry” to hear what he has to say about our university.


Q: Why did you choose to come to Adelphi?

A: Well you see, after I won my Grammy, I decided that I wanted to continue to pursue my education! In my song “Ever Since New York”, I express my emotional attachment to this state. Adelphi seemed like the perfect university to attend! x - H


Q: I love that song! We’re so glad you’re here. Also, congrats on your Grammy! Is it ever difficult to balance education and your fame?

A: College does get very work-heavy. Thanks to the pandemic, I haven’t been on tour, of course! That gives me lots of time to focus on school and studying. I am still writing music. I like to sit on the lawn and think about lyrics! Also, when it comes to filming, I take my private jet to wherever the set is! Adelphi is very lenient with class schedules. x -H


Q: I’m glad you’re writing music and finding time to relax, Harry! We’re all so excited to see you on tour once concerts are allowed again. Is there anything else you really miss about life before the pandemic?

A: I miss traveling! It was always nice to get away with my band and just relax on beaches and jump from place to place. Staying inside and keeping that at a minimum has felt strange! And of course, touring! I was well prepared to begin my tour right before the pandemic started, and I was devastated to have to postpone it! However, I am very glad for the time I’ve spent on the Adelphi Campus! It’s very pleasing to the eye. I have many fans here as well! It feels nice to make them happy. x - H


Q: Of course! Everything changed so quickly, it’s very strange to think about. Do a lot of fans approach you on campus, or can you find some places to be alone sometimes?

A: The Adelphi community is very respectful! I haven’t had any trouble with privacy invasions, and when fans do approach me, they do it in a way that is not overbearing or rude! I am able to have alone time with no issues. x - H


Q: I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your time here! By the way, what are you studying?

A: Thank you! I major in Treating People With Kindness with a minor in fashion! Lots and lots of work and studying! x - H


Q: You’re such a dedicated student, Harry! Would you ever have a concert on campus?

A: Oh, of course! The Performing Arts Center is absolutely beautiful! I have danced by myself on stage already! I’ll even ask my friend Lizzo if she wants to perform with me! x - H


Q: That would be amazing, I love her music as well! Speaking of concerts, I just have to ask, would you ever reunite with the rest of One Direction or tour again?

A: I definitely see it happening at some point in our lives, for sure. Right now we are all enjoying doing our own thing! I definitely feel free to be myself and I know my fellow mates feel the same way. Being able to perform the genre of music of our choice is something all of us have always wanted. However, one day I believe we will come back for an album, and maybe even a tour! Perhaps a performance in the PAC? x - H


Q: I really hope so, I'm a big fan of 1D and all of your solo projects! Speaking of your early career, one last question I have is: Do you ever miss the times before you were famous, like when you were working at the bakery in Holmes Chapel? I’ve always wanted to go and visit; do you have a favorite thing to eat from there?

A: I often miss my old normal life back home. I visit quite often since my mother and family still live there! Also, the bakery I used to work at welcomes me as an old friend, thankfully. I’ve been on the road since I was 16! So, dorming doesn’t cause much homesickness. Hmmm, I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite thing from the bakery! I guess I really love the fresh and warm rolls that my boss made! She always made the best of course, hence her being labeled the boss. The UC dining hall will have to do for now, until I’m able to go back! x - H


Q: That sounds great, and it’s wonderful that you still visit home when you have the chance. I think those are all the questions I have, thank you so much for your time, Harry!

A: Thank YOU for interviewing! I enjoyed it very much. I’m positive it will be a lovely article. x - H


That was such a fun interview, and it sounds like Harry is having a wonderful time here at Adelphi!  Check out @harryatadelphi on Instagram to keep up with his busy college life.  I can’t wait to see what he does next while we wait for Love on Tour to start!

Catherine Desiderio is a senior English major at Adelphi University with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in computer science. She is a poet, music lover, iced coffee enjoyer, and the Editor-in-Chief of Adelphi's Her Campus chapter. A passionate writer, Catherine believes in the power of words to learn and find oneself, which she hopes to share with as many people as possible.
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