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Halloween Costumes: College Majors Edition

Life is full of tough choices, especially as a college student. Besides the everyday dilemma we face of choosing what to eat, there’s another that comes along every October, “What should I be for Halloween?” Some say Halloween is the best opportunity we get to dress completely out of our element. But, what if we’re tired of being a Playboy Bunny? That’s out of our element is it not? Well, this is the year we’re going to change things up a bit. Of course don’t show up in jeans and a t-shirt to the Halloween party (unless you’re going as Kristen Stewart) but, show up in a costume that gives you sass, makes you stand out and most importantly, backs up who you are. Where can you find this costume? Hint: Look at the majority of your classes. If you’re still lost, Look no further, because we have the perfect costumes inspired by your college major.

Bio/Chem/Physics Majors

Who said lab coats can’t be attractive? Move out the way Mary Jane because Gwen Stacey is coming through OSCORP.



Business/Finance Majors:

Lose the charts and the business attire just for this night. You won’t be thinking about money that’s for sure when you’re Max or Caroline from 2 Broke Girls. The boys will be buying you drinks all night!

Communications Majors:

You’re not holding the mic or the camera tonight. If you can give us laughing abs and know a thing or two about TV, get your Ellen on!


Dance Majors:

You’re not going as the black swan for the second year in a row. Be the Queen of Pop and show off those killer moves you’ve been dying to show off all semester long. Girl we know you got them legs.  


English Majors:

Put down the literary works because It’s time to party like Great Gatsby. Tap into the glitz and glamour of the 1920s with everyone’s favorite novel!



Nursing Majors:

Are you that friend that everyone turns to because they know you’re a nursing major, which to them means you can obviously heal whatever it is they have? Go as Nurse Mercy and they’ll never ask for a band-aid again.



Philosophy Majors:

Debate the meaning of life as an Egyptian Goddess, because why not? Strut like a walking prodigy in this costume and your thoughts won’t be the only one standing out.


Psychology Majors:

Figuring out what everyone is thinking can probably drive you crazy from time to time, so go nuts as Insane Jane.

Pre-Law/Social Work/Criminal Justice Majors:

You’re always laying down the laws, so now it’s your turn to be Piper Chapman. Then there’s also that you’ll have the excuse to binge watch OITNB all night long.

Theater Majors:

Any Callbacks that take too long can make you feel like you’re the walking dead. Get your act together (pun-intended) and be a Walking Dead Bunny Slipper Girl.





Ahh the undecided ones. You know we’re all on that boat every other day. We never know what we’ll do next so why not go as someone who’s the epitome of surprises? Confuse the heck out of everyone the best you can on Halloween when you decide to shock everyone as none other than Amanda Bynes!




Who said our majors could only lead us to our future careers? They can obviously pave the way for this year’s best Halloween Costumes. Whoever you decide to be, have fun, be creative and party hard (but safely). Have a Happy Halloween Collegiettes!

Carolyn Garcia is a Junior at Adelphi University. She was part of the Her Campus High School Journalism and Publicity Ambassador program during her junior year of high school and that opportunity was what allowed her to discover her passion of writing for media. Since then, she's become a Social Media rep for Seventeen, a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com, a Campus rep for Rent the Runway, a contributor for TheDaily411.com, and a Campus Ambassador for CAMBIO #BUILTBYGIRLS She's now the publicity/social media coordinator for Her Campus Adelphi, which she couldn't be more excited about. If you're interested in becoming best friends with her, you should tell her you love Taylor Swift and Chocolate Mint Tea.
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