Great Places to Go On a Weekend Getaway With Friends

When life gets crazy, sometimes you just need a break. What better way to blow off steam than to go away with friends? Check out these locations for the perfect weekend getaway. 

1. Lake George 

There is so much to do in Lake George such as swimming, shopping, and eating! It's fairly prices and close by! 


2. The Jersey Shore

If you're a fan of the MTV show, you know the Jersey Shore is a fun place to be. It's so full of life, and being so close to the beach is a plus as well! 


3. The Hamptons 

Although they can be pricey, The Hamptons is a beautiful place to spend time, and for those who love to shop, look no further! 


4. Miami 

Miami is so vibrant and full of acitivies for anyone to participate in. It's especially popular with college aged people. 


5. Boston 

Boston is a beautiful city with so much history, and various amounts of activities. Also, its a huge college town because of Boston University, and Harvard!