Name: Shreya Shah

Year: Senior

Major/minor: Psychology major, Communications minor

Career goals: To be a psychologist or work for any production-related company

Netflix Binge: Gossip Girl, Scandal, and Friends

Favorite Song atm: Friends by Justin Bieber

Favorite book: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Hobbies/Passions: Writing, photography, exploring the city, travel, trying out new restaurants, visiting museums, etc.

Defining life experience: Moving to New York from India for college

What are you most proud of yourself for: Withstanding bullying in 8th and 9th grade

Dream Vacation spot: The outskirts of London!!

Favorite Adelphi spot: Underground Cafe

Interesting fact/Adelphi story: It takes me around 24 hours to fly back home, and in spite of the long journey, I do it four times a year!