Friendships: Post College Edition

College graduation always feels like it only happened yesterday and with all the excitement it’s easy to forget to keep the great relationships we created over the years. In this era, keeping in touch is very simple especially with all the forms of communication that we have easy access to. However, obstacles can occur and becoming busy is something unavoidable because of our professional jobs or just simply because life happens. 

It’s important to remember and appreciate those who kindly stood up with us until 5 a.m. writing our final paper or those who went out of their way to bring us coffee when our eyes couldn’t stay open. Friends are an important aspect of our lives and maintaining those relationships is essential to our busy lives. Also, meeting new people is important especially in a new work environment.

Here are a few things to keep in mind that could help you keep your college friendships and meet new friends as well:  

Calling- Sometimes hearing a familiar voice after a stressful day can make it better. Talking with an old friend can make you forget the stress from work.

Making plans to hang out- Making plans with an old friend or a new friend can be great because it gives you something to look forward to. Also, it's a chance to catch up or get to know each other better.

Checking in- Texting or calling an old friend to see how they are is important because it's a way to let them know you're thinking about them. 

Sending gifts- If you live far from your friends you can send them a gift or a card to show them that you miss them.

Whether you're trying to maintain old college friendships or trying to make new ones, it's important to remember to show people that you're thinking of them and to let them know that you miss them. Making new friends can intimidating but being yourself and showing interest can come a long way.