Five Unusual Gifts to Give Your Best Friend

Whether it is a Birthday, a holiday, or a special occasion, finding a gift for your best friend can be stressful- especially when he or she has everything they could possibly want or need. But consider thinking outside the box this time. Gifts that are practical and unusual but will nonetheless be useful is the way to go. Check out a few ideas below that your best friend never knew they would really need!


Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kit

Forget to put on your deodorant today? Just come back from lunch and find your salad still stuck in your teeth? No need to fear, a Minimergency Kit will have you covered! In this Minimergency Kit you will find 17 basic essentials, from deodorant towelettes to stain removers, that will help to save the day either at school or work. So long to digging through your handbag to find what you need in a pinch! Purchase here.

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Neutrogena Makeup Remover Facial Cleansing Wipe Singles

These mini packaged makeup wipes are perfect for on the go at school, or work, or simply spending the night with a friend! So much better than having to lug a huge package of makeup wipes around when you will only be in need of one or two. Not to mention, this will save space in your bag! Purchase here.

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Is your best friend constantly losing his or her keys? Nothing is worse than having to scramble to an 8AM class and forgetting where you put your keys the night before. Tile will help you locate the items you tend to lose the most. Simply attach a Tile to your keyring or place one in your wallet. With the help of the Tile App that you will download on your phone, the device will ring to help you locate your lost item! Purchase here.

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Cable Bite

Protect your flimsy cable from breakage with an adorable cable bite. These cable bites come in a variety of cute animals and simply attach to the end of your cable. Purchase here.

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Collapsible Laundry Tote

Whether you live on campus or in an apartment, we all know how quickly our laundry can pile up. Not to mention the amount of trips up and down the stairs to the laundry room. Now that’s a workout! A collapsible laundry tote will help you drag your dirty laundry up and down the stairs with ease. Purchase here

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Now that you have a few practical and unique gifts in mind, your best friend will want to know the secret behind your incredible gift-giving skills. And who says you cannot treat yourself to these awesome goodies too?