Fall Fashion Trends You Must Try

With the leaves turning brown and red and the pumpkin spice lattes in the air you can bet that fall fashion is here! With some trends appearing to come back modernized and some coming. back to the pleasure of others, here are top 5 trends that are worth spending your whole paycheck on.



Although at first, it seems like the style is a bit old or rough to touch it’s actually isn’t too rough and it’s thick enough to keep your body warm in the very cold fall days.




Plaid is a style that never ceases to expire in the fashion world. But this year designers like Michael Kors and Versace have decided to change up and modernize the style for today’s youth.

Teddy Bear

  The soft faux fur will keep you warm while looking really cute too. Just like a teddy bear when you were a child the soft fur is comfortable and will keep you warm for fall into the early days to winter or staying indoors on those cold crisp days. This is a style trend you cannot afford to miss.




    Not just the bear anymore. This style has a new modern take and can make anyone comfortable and sophisticated and keep you warm from the wind and cold air this fall.




    Colors involving red, blue, and yellow are all the rage right now. This past Fashion week we saw Versace bring all three together where it didn’t seem too much but made it modern and fun



This fall seems to be cold one day and very cold the next. But with these stylish and some bold fashion trends no matter what the weather is you’ll always remain warm, chic, and classy.