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The End of a Chapter, but Not the Book.

In a couple of weeks I will no longer be considered a freshman in college. Becoming a sophomore means more responsibility, more classes, and more loans–but also it means another year to be with friends.

            I started off my freshmen year of college nervous yet excited. This was my “Wizard of Oz” moment. So, as one of my high school English teachers told me, I said “On We Go” (a reference to The Hobbit, a book I enjoyed reading with him) and walked onto Adelphi’s campus.

In my first Her Campus article, I compared freshmen year to The Wizard of Oz. Now finishing my freshmen year. I can still agree college is like The Wizard of Oz.

I came into this world with a feeling of wonder and curiosity. Instead of Toto by my heels, I had the Adelphi bunnies. Instead of munchkins I was met with giants (well, anyone who is taller than 4’9). And while I wasn’t meet necessarily by a good witch telling me to follow the yellow Brick Road, I found a large student and faculty body that helped me find where to go to and my way around this new world.

Instead of just three friends on the Yellow Brick Road (a scarecrow, a tin man, and a cowardly lion) I met 11 great lifelong friends (take that Taylor Swift).

While on my ride to the Emerald City I meet my own wizard who was happy to help me and my friends in our college journey. His name was Justin, and he didn’t have to hide behind a curtain.

Though I was safely able to navigate through Oz, it did have its challenges. In any freshman’s first year of college we learn who are as people, along with who we want to be. We learn more about other people, whether it’s their religion or culture. We ourselves learn our strengths and weaknesses and sometimes our own hidden talents. So when it comes time to go back to Kansas (or wherever we come from) then we’re ready to take on the world with new knowledge, new friends, and maybe new ruby slippers.

Hi, I'm Kait. I am currently a senior at Adelphi University and I am a Communications Major with a concentration in Digital Media and Cinema Studies. I love writing and have written stories ever since I was a little girl. Once I graduate from Adelphi University I hope to become a screenwriter working for film or television. But until then you'll see me socializing with my friends and family, studying for the next exam, or writing my scripts in the library.
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