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Disney Princesses with a Punch

Disney movies are often accused of being cliché and predictable. However, these Disney girls prove you can still wear a dress and kick ass. These girls take control of their story and come out on top.
Often a forgotten princess, Pocahontas sticks to her beliefs and even faces death to protect John Smith and save his life. In the end she even decides to stay and lead her tribe rather than leave with him. She is a great leader and a kick*ss warrior.
Tiana works hard to get what she wants and is strong and independent. She works two jobs to open her own restaurant and helps Naveen even though she doesn’t know him. In the end she finds true love and gets to fulfill her dream.
Although not always thought of as a strong princess, Belle is a very independent girl. She goes out on her own to save her father and stays in the Beast’s castle for his freedom. She even saves everyone in the palace with her kindness and intelligence. 
Mulan saves an entire country on her own and as a teenager she goes to war. She disguises herself to keep her father safe and ends up becoming a strong and great soldier. She brings honor to her family without getting married and proves herself to be a great warrior. 
This princess goes out on her own to save her sister even in the bitter cold. She keeps trying to help her sister and never doubts her. She even risks her life to save her from Hans. In the end, it’s the sisters’ love that conquers the spell and saves them in the end, without a prince. They both live happily ever after.
These princesses know how to take charge and save their sisters, their fathers, and even the entire country. Even though they are the young stars of Disney movies, these women totally kick *ss.
Freshman acting major at Adelphi University :)
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