Commuter Survival Kit

If you attend Adelphi University, you know that it can be typified as a “commuter school.” Even though I commute, there are times when I feel like I live on campus. There are days when I stay at school from 9am to 9pm. After doing this for the past three years, I’ve gained some knowledge about how to survive commuting—whether you’re on campus for 2 or 12 hours. Below are some of the items I keep in a small makeup bag, that I consider my “commuter survival kit.”

1.     Pads/Tampons

For obvious reasons I always keeps extra pads or tampons in my bag. It’s always good to be prepared, whether for yourself or a fellow sister in need.


2.     Mini sewing kit

Fu fact, when I was I high school I got to my first class and found out, from my very observant friend, that I had a hole in the back of my pants. Since I didn’t have any extra clothes, I went to my very nice home economics teacher who gave me a needle and thread to patch it up. Ever since that moment I’ve kept a small sewing kit with me.


3.     Mints

I always like to have fresh breath. You never know who you’re going talk to, so might as well be minty fresh.


4.     Floss

Everybody has had that moment when you go to the bathroom and realize there has been a piece of food stuck in your teeth without any idea of how it got there or how long it’s been there. In cases like these, I always have my handy dandy floss.


5.     Foldable hairbrush and hair ties

My hair gets messy and tangled so easily and windy days are a nightmare. So I’m always ready to freshen up before class, especially if I have a presentation.


6.     Sample size perfume

As a self-proclaimed makeup addict, I have quite a few perfume samples from Sephora. I always keep one in my little kit, especially if I’m at school for an event.


7.     Deodorant

If you’re at school all day, you’ve gone through the ringer and are probably a little smelly. I keep a mini deodorant to freshen up.


8.     Band-Aids

Always. Be. Prepared. Paper cuts, scrapes, hangnails. You’re covered.


9.     Tissues

It's springtime and that means allergy season. I’m constantly sneezing so I always carry a bunch of tissues on me.


10. Ibuprofen

Whether it’s that time of the month or you’ve just got an ache, it’s always a good idea to have to ibuprofen on you.


These 10 items have certainly come in handy the past few years and I hope this list may help you!