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College Friendly Cocktails!

As a college student we live on budgets, but within that budget is always money for a night out (or a night in with the girls)! I pulled on my personal go tos and favorites and asked some friends to give you guys a good guide to being a bartender at home! Don’t spend $20 on two drinks at the bar when you could spend that same amount for many nights of fun with these!!

Vodka cranberry: This is a college go to for everyone!! And both ingredients are cheap and super easy to find!

You guessed it, vodka and cranberry, mixed together based on your preference ;)

Mimosa: One of the easiest and most yummy and only two ingredients!

Orange juice and champagne!! Just a tip, spend a little more to get better taste! Rule of thumb: cheap champagne is not good champagne :(

Rum and Coke: All you need is in the name!

Super good and super cheap, both good things for me ;)

Gin and Tonic: Go old school with this classic and all you need is some gin and some tonic water!

I’ve never had this one so you guys will have to let me know how it is!!

Screwdriver: Splash together some orange juice and vodka for this easy refresher!

Go dance with your bff after you have some of this! Remember, vodka always tells you you’re a good dancer ;)

Aperol Spritz: Only 3 ingredients to make this European favorite: ⅕ Aperol, ⅗ Prosecco, ⅕ seltzer (I use lemon lime, it gives it a nice extra fresh taste)

This is a personal favorite of mine, though the Aperol is a bit pricey but it lasts a while and for manyyyyyyy drinks!

Tequila Sunrise: Start your dage with some tequila (⅖), orange juice (⅖) and grenadine (⅕)!

Fun Fact about tequila: It is a stimulant and not a depressant like other types of alcohol!

White Wine Sangria: Grab some white wine, some ginger ale (in equal quantities) and some apples slices and spend the day watching some netflix with your girls!

A life rule is to always listen to Betty White!!

Some of these are little more expensive than the others, like the Aperol Spritz and the Mimosa (if you do it right) but those are for the nights you’re feeling classy! Always remember don’t drink and drive my friends, getting an uber is an uber good idea! Have fun and dance it out! Cheers!!


I am currently studying at Adelphi University. I am an International Studies major and a senior. My passions are traveling, languages, reading and wine, so drink up while you're reading my articles (21 and over of course).     
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