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College Fashion Week

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

It’s that time of year again. Ya know, one of the most important times of year? More important than Halloween, Christmas, and your birthday combined! (Ok I might be exaggerating a little bit…) It’s College Fashion Week! Her Campus really proved its initiative to give motivated, young women the chance to shine and grow in this show. All of the designers featured in the show were up-and-coming, showcasing their collections for the first time.  The models sporting the sets were all college-aged and for the most part, this was their first time walking in a fashion show as well.

This past Saturday, collegiettes and fashionistas from all over came to 404 to celebrate true, trendy college fashion. Its square, 360 degree-viewed runway allowed for everyone to get a great view of the fashion from all three floors. 

Plus, look at that amazing screen backdrop! 

When we walked in, we were #blessed with an amazing swag bag filled with Maiden Fit tights, Drybar’s Triple Sec spray, European Wax Center lotions, and much, much more. It did not stop at the front door. On the second floor there was a Sparkling Ice station, European Wax Center’s Brow Hour bar and a Boxed Water stand. On the third floor there was a candy station, cookies from Insomnia Cookies, Kind Snacks bars, Maiden Fit wear, and Bertha beauty kits. It was like College Fashion Week was the portal to heaven.

Bertha gave away its fabulous, compact beauty kit and offered an opportunity to design a watch for its contest

We thought we entered a portal to Candyland for a second <3

Insomnia cookies were better than anyone could dream of!

So after enjoying everything the amazing sponsors had to offer, we were more than excited for the show to begin!

See! Look how excited!

The first set was called Study Chic. This line of Her Campus x My Social Canvas featured comfy, sassy tees, skirts, and jeans. These outfits were also dressed with fabulous scarves, hats, and cardigans. We wanted this entire line in our wardrobe to hang around campus in.

The second set was the edgier Festival collection designed by Amuse Society. Models strutted down the runway in patterned dresses, ripped jeans, and fun tops. The big hats and trendy necklaces added a final touch that allowed these outfits to shine even more. Coachella may be far away, but we’re ready to go with this collection!

The third collection was called Rush. The line featured well-known sorority letters on different sillhouettes. It was refreshing to see the letters that are classically featured on jerseys on sweaters, flowy tees, and three-quarter sleeved tops. The outfits also featured caps and big purses to complete the Rush look. These outfits were the perfect blend of school spirit and complete chic-ness!  

HC Adelphi’s own Sam Antoine working the runway!

The fashion show ended on a fun note with the Girl’s Night Out collection. You can dance with someone new just like Miley Cyrus with this fabulous set on your next night out with friends. The models rocked leather pants and mini skirts with fun statement tops. The outfits had accessories including leather jackets and boots to complete the fierce and edgy look. 

After the four sets were done, we wanted to steal them all for our own closests. Everything was incredible from the clothes to the freebies to the music that played as the models strutted their stuff. This may have been my last College Fashion Week as Her Campus Adelphi’s CC, but it was an absolutely incredible and fierce note to end on!


Adelphi Campus Correspondent. Natalie is a sophomore at Adelphi University where she studies Acting and English passionately. In between her studies, she enjoys jam-packing her schedule through writing for contentBase.co, holding a chair position on the Student Activities Board and shining on the stage in school productions. She loves cats, coffee, fashion and music almost as much as she does writing. Her goal as a journalist is to inspire as many ambitious, young people, like herself, to make the most of their lives as possible.