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Celebrities Making a Difference

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Adelphi chapter.

Celebrities are people that young girls and boys look up to, whether it be the President of the United States or the biggest pop star, kids are always looking to follow in their footsteps. Demi Lovato is one of these mentors who are looked up to immensely by young girls. Lovato seems to be aware of this factor and uses it as a way to help put an end to bullying. In a recent interview she was quoted saying 

“I just want to use my voice for something bigger than music. No matter how famous you are, no matter how old or young you are, you can be the most beautiful person on the world. It’s ok, you can get through it. That’s been my biggest message, to inspire people. I took the opportunity to speak out about bullying because I know how much it affected me.” 

She is spreading the word to put an end to bullying and hopefully children will be affected by her songs and hear the message to not bully. 

Another celebrity that is making a difference is Christina Aguilera, she helped in launching a world hunger relief campaign, this past month. Different brands have come together to help support this campaign. Aguilera went on a humanitarian trip to Ecuador recently where she saw and helped starving families. The picture below shows Aguilera helping to distribute food. 

Avril Lavigne recently launched a new campaign to fight Lyme Disease. It is a 5 week campaign working with Lavigne’s foundation to work with children and adults fighting the disease. At the end of the campaign one winner will be chosen to have a role in the animated film Charming with Lavigne. 


It is nice to see so many celebrities making an effort to use their fame to change other people’s lives. 

I am a student at Adelphi University pursing a degree in communications. I love all things beauty and lifestyle related! I have danced and acted my entire life and have a passion for stage and film.