Best Ways to Spend Valentines Day (At Any Stage)

Valentines Day is a very controversial “holiday.” Many people have attached a negative stigma to this day, but no matter your circumstance, single, in a relationship, or somewhere in-between, there are so many fun activities that can help make the day special. After all, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be for couples. It’s a day where you can show the one’s you love how special they are to you.

If You’re Single:

Have a Girl’s (Or Guys) Night

It doesn’t matter what you do, when you’re with your girls, anything can be fun. Have a movie marathon, listen to some music, go shopping, or even just get together for tea!

Go On a Date With Your Best Friend

When you’ve got your best friend, what else could you possibly need? Do something fun that you’ve always wanted to do together! See a movie, bake, go to the mall, whatever!

Tackle Your Netflix List


We all have a list of things we want to watch whether it be a movie, a new T.V. show, or a documentary. Make Valentines Day a day/night to begin watching any of the above that you’ve had on your mind but have not been able to get to because of the busyness of life. Your favorite show or movie could be out there and you don’t know it yet!

“Treat Yo Self”

Get your nails done, buy yourself something nice, eat a great meal, do whatever you want! Show yourself some love on Valentines Day because not only is it a day to honor the people you love, but to also love and honor yourself.


If You’re In a Relationship:

Go To a Bookstore

I can spend hours in bookstores because they have endless things to look through and discover. The two of you will have fun just exploring and maybe even finding something you both would like to read. Most bookstores have seating to relax and look through the books and a lot of times they also have coffee shops in them. Read through interesting books together over a couple cups of coffee.

Cook Together

With websites like Pinterest around, there’s no excuse to not find good recipes and give them a shot. Even if the food doesn’t turn out the way you might have planned, (because lets face it not all of us can be chefs) it’s still a fun experience to share together, and Dominos is always a tasty backup plan! Cooking at home together is more interesting than just going out for dinner (and its probably a lot cheaper too).

Go Ice Skating

The winter is a prime time to go ice-skating. Even if one of you doesn’t know how to ice skate, or isn’t good at it, the two of you can help each other out. It’s a good excuse to get close to your partner, and it’s fun!