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Bad Habits We Need to Kill

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have bad habits. Usually, in life, we try to find the easy way out. However, the easy way may not always be the healthiest or safest choice for you or your body in the long run. While this is easier said than done, it’s not impossible.

Here are seven bad habits you might have encountered.

Nail/Finger/Hair Biting

Yes, the pesky little habit that you’ve had since childhood,  I know I still have this. It’s really hard to stop biting something especially when my anxiety hits me.


Not Eating Right

In the morning, our only priority is to get out of the house on time so we don’t miss the bus or train. Eating breakfast may be your last priority, however, eating a healthy breakfast benefits your body in so many ways. Now before you say you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, let me stop you, it simply won’t cut it Having a nutritious breakfast every morning can prevent you from overeating at lunch, serves as your “brain food”, improves your metabolism, and keeps you energized throughout the day. Also, try to limit the amount of junk food you consume. It may not show on your body now, but it will in the long run.

Pro tip: Make smoothies and keep them in your fridge. Pack your lunch the night before.   

Not Sleeping Enough

A good night’s sleep can do wonders for the skin, body and mental health. It has the power to increase productivity, encourages smarter decision-making and a happy mood. I know when I don’t get enough sleep, I am grumpier than Grumpy from Snow White I get very loopy and start falling asleep anywhere. Seriously, who falls asleep during the movie It? If you have work to do, make sure you plan out your day so you have enough time to do it. Don’t sacrifice sleep for your work.


Saying Yes to Everything

If you’re able to say no to someone without feeling bad, then you can skip this one. However, if you’re like me and you just can’t seem to say no to someone who needs a favor, keep on reading. In reality, saying yes to everything may cause you to spread yourself too thin. You can’t attend every meeting, or volunteer/work every shift. It’s okay to reflect and say, “I’m sorry I have too much on my plate right now.”



We all do this. It’s a hard habit to break out of. Here some tips to make sure you don’t procrastinate: Try turning off your cell phone or social media device, make a plan for your day and use planners!


Spending Too Much Money

The struggles of being a broke college student, you want nice things and you spend the minimum wage paycheck to get it. Financial stress can contribute to having high blood pressure, increased depression, and headaches. To combat this, document how much money you spend and set a budget per` day or week. This way if you spend under the budget it can roll over for the next week or you can put it in your savings.  


Skipping your workout

Stressed from school or work? Studies have shown working out in the morning, afternoons and even night can increase the quality of sleep you receive. Having a better quality of sleep will improve the day by making it more productive. If you can’t work out every day, then try for at least once a week or do some calm relaxation techniques.

There are many ways we can approach our bad habits. One way won’t work for everyone, so you must find what works best for you.

Hello! My name is Shanisha! I am a Junior Nursing Major and part of the Levermore Global Scholars Program at Adelphi University. On campus, you will most likely find me in the Underground Cafe with my friends or at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center. These are my two favorite spots! I hope you are able to relate to the articles I write! Enjoy your day!! :) 
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