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This week, I asked Adelphi Students what was the most “grown up” part about being in college for them. Here are there answers:


“Probably the classes. Especially now that I’m an upperclassmen. My classes started focusing on all nursing aspects and everything just got harder. It hit me heard that I’m so much closer to beginning the profession that I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.”

“The most grown up part of college is probably living with a roommate and learning to live with someone you’re not used to living with. Living with another person it means its no longer about yourself and accommodating each other is a must.” 

“The most grown up part abut going off to college is learning how to balance everything in terms of school, social life, and family. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time, so I definitely had to learn how to prioritize certain things.” 

“Moving away from home, I used to be taken care of by my parents most of my life, now I’m on my own making my own decisions. No one is there to fold my clothes or make my bed, just me.”

What is the most “grown up” aspect of college for you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Hi I'm Liz!! I'm currently a sophomore at Adelphi University and I study communications. I strive to become a journalist or a news reporter someday. Besides being a contributor for HerCampus and studying communications, I have a passion for martial arts and criminal justice. I also love babysitting so I obviously love kids and something I may also do is become a teacher. One fun fact about me is that  I have been studying Ju Jitsu for the past 12 or 13 years and I am currently a second degree brown belt. 
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