7 Thoughts Near the End of Semester

I can’t wait for the semester to be over. No more exams. No more projects. No more assignments and more importantly no more stress. That’s right, the semester is almost over. Although finals are coming close and graduation for some is around the corner, here are seven reasons why you should be happy that this semester is ending and the fun is on its way.


Hello End of the Semester - It’s finally here, no more heavy backpacks or early classes, now just lay in bed with your dog all day the way it should be.



Goodbye Stress - You can stop pulling your hair out now. It’s okay, breath. You’re almost at the finish line.



Goodbye Adulting - If only adulting wasn't so hard.


(me and adulting on every level)


Hello Summer - What time is it?


(the last final of the semester and everyone is thinking)


Hello Vacation - charge your phones and bring your best smile, vacation photos with family reunions, Friends Week Road Trip, or even some time alone with your bae is the only thing on the itinerary this time.



Hello Sleep - The one thing you’ve had the longest relationship with, yes I am talking about your bed. Neglecting your bed is never ok but you can make it up to your bed now, sleep in or stay in bed all day when it rains and Netflix and relax should definitely make up for the lost time you have together.



Hello Friends - While you were studying and spending all your time writing papers and reading textbooks working on your 4.0 GPA ( #GoYou !) now it’s time to spend less time in the library alone and spend some time with your squad making memories and each other laugh, and the only tears shed should be laughing too hard at your best friends corny jokes.



The semester is close to ending and all your stress will go away. All the papers you did, the assignments and projects you worked hard on all will pay off in the end.