5 Tips to Nail an Online Interview

If you saw my last article about job searching during COVID-19, hopefully, those tips helped you land an interview. If so, here are some ways to make your online interview go smoothly!

  1. 1. Check your internet connection

    Make sure you are on the right internet connection and that it is working. The last thing you need is for your computer to lag and freeze up when you really need to use it. If you’re not sure that your connection is stable enough, try calling a friend or using a website like Speedtest, which can test your connection. According to Minim, your connection needs to be at a minimum of 25 Mbps to perform basic functions. You can check out their website for more information and tips on how to make your connection faster. I usually check to make sure that my internet is working before I log on, and I try joining the call a few minutes before it starts.

  2. 2. Pick a good place to take the call

    Pick a location with a clean background or wall. This place should be quiet and with little to no distractions and is ideally located near an outlet. You don’t want loud family members interrupting, or to have a laptop that dies in the middle of the interview. Make sure that you aren’t backlit, but rather have light shining on your face so the person on the other end of the call can see you clearly.

  3. 3. Have a glass of water near you

    A tip I would highly recommend is to have a glass or bottle of water near you during the interview. Not only is it good to stay hydrated, but it is also a great way to give yourself a few seconds to think about an answer when you get a difficult question.

  4. 4. Be an attentive listener

    With many interviews online now, it is much harder to pick up on body language cues. A way to combat this is to be a bit more expressive when listening or talking in order to convey your point more clearly. You can accomplish this by nodding your head while the other person is speaking and by looking into the camera to show that you are acknowledging them.

  5. 5. Send a thank you/ follow up email

    thank you note with pen, gift, cookies, and flowers

    Everyone likes to feel appreciated. A great way to show your thanks for an interview is to send a short thank you email after the interview. This tells the person that you appreciate their efforts in considering your application, and that you look forward to hearing back from them.

Hopefully, these tips will help you nail your online interview, and allow you to land the job or internship that you're aiming for! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] or on Instagram @moniquemoh. Good luck!