5 Things to Do While You're a College Senior

Yesterday, I was a freshman in a big pond full of other college students. Today, I am a second-semester junior in the process of making my senior schedule for the upcoming fall. While it may not feel like it at times, college flies by. Here are a few ideas you should consider doing during your last and final year of college.

Go to a Bar or a Party

I am FAR from a party person but you really can’t say you survived college without hitting up a bar or a party with a few friends at least once. Most of us turn 21 years old during our college career, so what better way to celebrate than in an eclectic New York City bar. Be safe and go as a group, but most importantly, have a great time!

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Spend the Day at a Music Festival

From Coachella on the West Coast, to Governor’s Ball on the East Coast, the summer is the time to get your music festival game on. Let yourself be carefree as you listen to great music from all different artists with your friends. Not to mention, music festivals are the perfect way to liven up your Instagram feed!

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Professional Internship

The last year of college means one year closer to being out in the “real world.” While just about every college highly recommends that you get an internship, not all internships have to be “boring.” If you are lucky enough to live near New York City, there are plenty of cool, fun internships out there. Saturday Night Live is just one example! So gain an experience of a lifetime (and maybe even a career) by just getting your foot in the door.

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Take a Trip

Studying abroad can be a great experience for a college student, however, it is not always feasible to up and leave homebase for a few months. Consider planning a trip with a friend or your partner during break. It does not have to be expensive or far. It is the memories that will be worth looking back on!

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Your Big Purchase

Have your eye on a designer luxury bag? Same. Save up your shekels and pennies from work for a brand new bag that welcomes you into adulthood and is a timeless piece. There will come a time (if it has not arrived already) when innumerable bills and expensive rent does not allow you “to treat yourself” too often. So take advantage of this time now!

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Now with a few, fun suggestions in mind, you can make the most out of your senior year of college. From vacations, to personal investments (cough cough Louis Vuitton), we should all reflect on the hard work we put in over the years and have the time of our lives before we enter the real working world!