5 Things to Do to Start This Fall Season Off on the Right Foot

Being that it’s fall now, I want to take a step back from my usual articles and do something a little more festive! Here are five things to do that’ll pumpkin spice—sorry, I had to— up your fall.


1. Pumpkin Picking

Yes, pumpkin picking is an absolute must. Don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to take cute pictures with? Who needs one? Take a group of friends and enjoy the seasons! They only come around once a year so take advantage of them!

If you’re looking for something local, The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Central Nassau is right up the road from Adelphi and their pumpkin patch was conveniently set up as of last Saturday and you’ll most definitely get some quality pictures there, I know I did.

2. Apple Picking

Going apple picking is an all time fave of mine. You can make candy or caramel apples with your finds, make apple pie, etc! A lot of places even have apple cider and apple cider donuts. You also get more cute picture opportunities.

3. Go to Haunted House/Halloween Festival

Okay, this one varies from person to person but going to a Haunted House or a Halloween Festival is a sure way to get yourself into the Halloween spirit! Luckily for the Adelphi readers, if you want a little on campus fun, Chapman has their very own Haunted Hallways each year. Themes have ranged from American Horror Story to Tim Burton and even Goosebumps. 

4. Have a Halloween Movie Marathon

Grab some popcorn and your favorite guilty pleasure and pick up the classics! Halloween movie marathons are a great way to enjoy your free time. Don’t have anyone to enjoy them with or a good list of movies? Hit me up. I’m always down for a good Halloween movie. Did someone say Hocus Pocus?

5. Add a New Book to Your Collection or Reread an Old One

As cliché as it sounds, it’s the perfect time of year to sit down with a book, with the window cracked slightly, and a big blanket. There’s absolutely nothing like getting lost in the words of a brand new book— or an old one— on a fall afternoon. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your choice of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate while you’re at it!

There are plenty of other things to do in the fall, but these are just some of my personal favorites that always get me in the fall spirit and excited for all things fall! What do you do to celebrate fall?