The 5 Stages of Every Girls’ Night In

After a long week, we could all use a girls’ night in. But what actually goes into having the best catch-up time with your girls?


1. Planning the Festivities


It’s official! The girls have decided we all need a girls night in! We haven’t seen each other in months – or maybe we just saw each other yesterday, whatever!



We’ve decided it’s time to assemble and take a break from life, which we definitely all need. Now we just have to figure out when we’re all free … and that’s when we all realize how busy we are. Time to pull out the GCal, iCal, Never-Free-Cals and sort this out.



Once we’ve gathered that the 3rd Friday of next month is the only day that works out for everyone’s schedule, we can get to planning. Who’s ready to offer up their living space to let us lay around like sloths and eat all their food? Jamie? Perfect! We know you didn’t volunteer, but we all like your place best.


2. Makeovers and Stealing Each Other’s Clothes



This is pretty much inevitable. Jamie takes one look at Alexis and all the sudden she’s braiding her hair, Amanda’s going shopping in Kate’s closet, and Gabby is contouring my face. Real friends beautify you and let you borrow (keep, but they don’t know it yet) their clothes. Or at least we do.


3. Inhaling Food



This has to be my favorite aspect of any girls’ night in, or anything in general. Food makes everything 1000x better. Whether we decide to be cute and cook something together – if that’s our forte – or order some takeout, food will be everywhere and we WILL feast. I’m talking pizza, Chinese, cookies, (insert all foods we shouldn’t eat a lot of here). When you’re with your girls, everything’s on the table. And everything on the table is devoured.


4. Movies, Games, and Dares


Now that we’re full – who am I kidding, we all know we’re going to inhale food all night. Correction: now that we’ve had our 7-course appetizer for the evening, we’re moving on to entertainment. Open up Netflix, find the games, and most importantly...pick truth or dare. *Devil emoji* Just kidding you have no choice, dare it is!


Scary movies, board games, and dares meant to embarrass you and your ancestors make for a night of screams, laughs, and why-is-this-happenings.


5. Life Talks



With my girl group, this usually happens at around 3am when ONE OF US wants to sleep (what can I say, I get tired). Besides scarfing down food, this has to be the best parts of the night. This is where all the sentimental stuff usually occurs. Also where all the real talks happen. You know the ones I mean, where we get really deep and talk about how we truthfully feel about some of the things in our lives. Venting sessions with your girls are basically therapy sessions. And at these hours of the night everything’s funny, so we can expect to have abs from laughing so hard, if you cancel out all the food we ate of course.

Once you have a GNI, you start to realize how much you really needed it, and how much you love your girls. Cheers to the next one!