5 Positives to Being Short

Coming from a short girl it can be ruff being this short. People don’t alway see you, you cannot reach the top shelf but there are some great positives to being short. Here are 5 positives that any short girl can relate too.


  • Front for Pics Always

    • You can always be assured that your be front and ready for any pictures you and your crew ever take together. 



  • Perfect for Hide and Seek

    • Who doesn’t love a game they can’t lose at, unless yoy play with a mummy



  • Don’t always have to buy clothes

    • For me personally I cannot say how much I love the fact that I can save money on clothes before I don’t grow. Now I can spend money on the things that important: Food food and more food



  • Easy to Cuddle with your Boo

    • Ladies, shirt girls are the perfect little spoon! We can go I. The perfect little spot of your boo! #Perfection



  • Plenty of Room in the car

    • When your out with your friends you can sit in the middle or even if your right behind the passenger seat there is plenty of room for the driver as well as your own leg room



Being short isn’t all that bad despite what others might think. But if you can see the positive through all the negatives, being short can be kinda fun and definitely the best thing I love about being me.