5 movies on Netflix that will get you in the holiday spirit

5 movies on Netflix that will get you in the holiday spirit

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1. Christmas Inheritance (2017)


Ellen Langford is a spoiled New York City heiress to her father's company but after a wild Christmas party, her father decides it’s time for her to learn responsibility. He tasks her with delivering Christmas letters to her dad’s former partner is a small town called Snow Falls. After being stuck in a snow storm, she falls in love with Jake who is an artist and runs the local inn. It’s a great romantic holiday movie for a “city girl”.


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2. A Christmas Prince (2017) and A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (November 30)


If you ever had dreams of marrying your Prince Harry, A Christmas Prince makes them a reality….almost.  Amber Moore is a young journalist that is sent to the fictional nation of Aldovia to attend a press conference about Prince Richard. She goes undercover as the prince’s younger sister’s tutor to get dirt on the Prince buttt….. she ends up falling in love with him! Big surprise and still cute. The sequel follows the young couple a year later getting married on Christmas Day, it premiers  November 30th!


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3. The Princess Switch (2018)


A week before Christmas, Stacy De Novo, an ordinary Pastry Chef switches places with Lady Margaret of Montenaro, for a couple of days, to see what each other’s lives are like. Stacy falls in love with Margaret’s fiancé (who Margaret is reluctant about marrying). Margaret falls in love with Stacy’s best friend Kevin, a commoner. With the help of friends and enemies, the two learn to follow their hearts. It’s a good movie to watch because it has been a while since we’ve seen Vanessa Hudgens in a romantic movie.

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4. Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas (2015)


What better way to spend Christmas than with the queen of Christmas herself? It's like spending New Year's Eve with Dick Clark.  Watch Mariah Carey perform Christmas hits as well as special guests and celebrities reading “The Night Before Christmas”. It’s actually perfect for watching with your family the night before Christmas.


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5. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


What more is there to say? The OG of Christmas movies! It has Jim Carrey in it! If you don’t like this movie, you might be the Grinch.


Well, there you go 5 movies to watch on Netflix in your room while you are avoiding your family this holiday season! Have fun!