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4 Beauty Tips and Tricks to Get You Through the Semester

Welcome back ladies, and a brand new welcome to you freshmen! A whole new semester has started. No more lazy summer days… and you know what that means: sweats, pony’s, bun’s, and under eye circles. This is when stuff hits the fan in our looks department. We’re so busy running around and staying up late that for some girls, its a struggle to look on point! For others, (like me), we wake up at 5 AM to make sure we look flawless. Here are some quick tips and tricks to get you out the door in time and waking up at a decent hour while looking fabulous! 


1. Face



Let’s get real girls, you do not need that full face of foundation every day. We just don’t have the time! And the truth is, you can look just as pristine with a little less makeup. This is where BB Creams come in handy. They’re essentially a tinted moisturizer that you can apply with your fingers. They give light coverage but will definitely even out your skin tone and reduce some redness in any spots you may have. Very minimal blending; very minimal time consumption! 

As for concealer, that is a must. (At least for my face it is!) But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need that thick creamy concealer that takes you ten minutes to blend out. Garnier Fructis makes this awesome little concealer roller specifically for dark circles. It provides just the right amount of coverage and is easily blended. It will definitely give you that bright eyed and bushy tailed look that we all want in the morning! 

When it comes to blush, stick to light shimmery colors. These require very little blending and you don’t need to worry about being heavy or light handed with it. You literally just brush and go, looking sun kissed and ready to face the day. 


2. Eyes


When it comes to quick eye makeup, I always find it best to prioritize. Which is more important to you, wearing eyeshadow, wearing mascara, or wearing eye liner. For me, its the mascara. So I just put on my normal mascara (which takes two seconds) and I’m out the door looking real cute. When you combine all three, it takes a lot more time. So when you’re in a hurry, ask whats more important to you. If its eyeliner, quickly put some on. Whatever makes you feel most confident and whichever you feel makes the biggest difference in your face. In my opinion, its best to choose between mascara or eyeliner because picking eyeshadows and blending it takes more time, but to each their own! If you do choose eyeshadow, try for a shimmery one so that when the light hits it when your eye is open it still gives you some definition in your crease just from natural shadows. A great one for that, I find, is MAC’s All That Glitters. You literally just throw it on and go. Perfect!


3. Lips



A huge trend right now is lip butters and tinted chapsticks. So, you can be quick and easily while also being extremely on trend! What else could a girl want in life? I personally love Revlon’s lip butters but I’ve also heard great things about NYX’s product as well. Everyone’s lips are different so play around and see what you like (or go to the handy dandy youtube beauty guru’s). But I would definitely stay away from any intense lipstick or lip lining. Then you have to worry about it smudging all day it just turns into yet another stressor in your life. Makeup should be fun and breezy, not something to keep you on your toes all day! 


4. Hair



Another huge trend thats rising right now (and is personally on of my favorite things ever) is scrunchies. They add some cuteness to an otherwise plain or casual outfit and are also great for perking up a boring bun! You don’t need to spend 20 minutes trying to perfect your bun or making sure your hair isn’t too messy. The big scrunchies take care of all that and also are great from distracting from frizz (trust me, I know.) A great place to get them is American Apparel, super fun prints and texture, and you know they’ll last. Other than that, there are some great tutorials on youtube nowadays for quick hairstyles. Most of them involve various braids (which if you can’t braid isn’t very helpful). Headbands are also good for spicing up a ponytail or bun! Play around with it, find whats most comfortable for you and your hair! 





But the most important tip I can give you is to just start your day off confidently. Whether a full face of makeup or not a stitch on you, go out there with a shining smile and you can’t fail! Got any more tips or tricks? Feel free to let us know! Thanks for reading and don’t worry girls, we’re gonna rock this semester.



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