21 Bad and Boozy Ideas for Your 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is kind of a big deal, let’s be real people. It signifies the day that you can now legally purchase and consume alcohol. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had some bad birthdays before. I REFUSE to let my 21st birthday be one that is ruined. After all, you only turn 21 once, so you’ve got one chance to get it right. Your 21st birthday should be spent with the people that mean the most to you, so here are some things you can do to celebrate getting rid of that fake ID.


  1. 1. Head to the Rosé Mansion in the City

    I don’t know about anyone else, but this has been something I’ve been planning since I first heard about the Rosé Mansion. Tickets include a wine tasting tour and cute photo opportunities.

  2. 2. Go Bar Hopping

    Yeah, I know some of you already do this. It’s completely different when you turn 21. Look into popular bars in the area you haven’t been to before. Maybe you’ll find a spot that you like. Most important thing is to make sure you arrange transportation beforehand and be cautious about who you go out with or let into your car. The night could easily go from a 10 to a 3 if you bring someone who you have to take care of. You also want to make sure you go out with people who you  want to be with. After all, like I said earlier, you won’t get a redo.

  3. 3. Take a Trip with Friends

    If your 21st aligns with a break in school or you want to take a road trip for a weekend getaway, your 21st is a great time.

  4. 4. Take a Wine Tour

    If you’re the kind of person that likes wine, you’ll be in heaven aaaaaaannnndd more picture opportunities.

  5. 5. Take a Boozy Tattoo Class

    Like tattoos? I know I sure do!!! Take a boozy tattoo class. You can practice your tattoo skills all while being inebriated. 

  6. 6. Go to a Bartending Class

    If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at bartending, there’s never a more perfect time than your 21st birthday. Grab some friends or go alone and surprise them with some new skills.

  7. 7. Go Somewhere You’ll be ID’ed

    Since you’ve tossed that fake ID, this is the first time you’ll be able to use your real ID to get alcohol at a restaurant. I can tell you right now, I genuinely want to be ID’ed on my 21st. So go to a restaurant and order yourself a fishbowl, a sangria, whatever it is that your heart desires.

  8. 8. Go to a Casino

    What’s a great way to celebrate your 21st? Blowing a bunch of money or making it all back and then some. Maybe I’m feeling this one a little too hard considering I crawled under a stage at a bar for cash but “it be like that sometimes”.

  9. 9. Go to a Club

    Going to a bar is a bit different from going to a club because of 1. the music and 2. the dancing. If you like to dance when you’re drunk, a club is definitely a must.

  10. 10. Have a Birthday Dinner

    Birthday dinners will never get old. Sorry not sorry. There’s just something about being surrounded by your friends and embarrassed publicly while strangers sing to you and customers stare.

  11. 11. Personalize a Wine Glass

    I just did this recently, it’s amazing. There are a TON of DIY videos on painting your own wine glass and how to get the paint to stay. It is worth the time and you kind of create your own special glass, no big deal!!

  12. 12. Take LOTS of Pictures

    This is a night where it may be pretty easy to forget it entirely. Ensure that you take as many pictures as possible just to be on the safe side and for the memories.

  13. 13. Money Shots

    If you have friends that would do this, I’d HIGHLY recommend. Line up several shot glasses and under every shot glass, there will be money. If you take the shot, the money is yours. Just remember to be safe and know your limits.

  14. 14. Go on a Booze Cruise

    This is a great investment if you’re looking for some time on the water with alcohol on hand. Typically you pay for all-you-can-drink, so if you’ve got the tolerance, look into this!

  15. 15. Go out for Bottomless Mimosas

    Looking to get day drunk? It’s basically like a dage but not at the same time. You can enjoy your drinks with food and without the added plus of people harassing you.

  16. 16. Go Buy Your First Legal Drink

    You can now go to liquor stores. Even if the purchase isn’t for that day, it’s still another opportunity for you to show off that new 21 ID.

  17. 17. Painting While Tipsy

    Painting is fun while sober, but painting while tipsy is a bucket list item of mine. There are plenty of paint classes like this offered so if you wanna try your hand, start looking early. Classes sell out quickly!

  18. 18. Spend a Night in With Friends

    This is another option if you’re not interested in drinking or if you just want a laid back night. Order some takeout and binge your favorite TV shows/movies!

  19. 19. Go to the Beach

    Another more laid back option would be going to the beach, bringing snacks, and just staring at the stars. Sounds like a relaxing night if you’re into that kind of thing.

  20. 20. Do a Bonfire

    Bonfires are great, especially if your birthday is during the colder parts of the year. Write down some wishes you have and toss them into the fire and let them be brought into existence OR write down your worries and let them dissipate as the paper burns. Go into your 22nd (because you start your 22nd year of life when you turn 21; 21 signifies 21 complete years. Trippy, right?) with a clean slate and high hopes.

  21. 21. Be Safe

    The more obvious option is being safe, which I hope you choose. Know your limits and take care of yourself. Alcohol quite literally has the power to destroy your life. So here are a few tips to keep in mind:

    * Don’t burn any bridges because of something you did while you were drunk. It would suck to wake up after celebrating your 21st birthday and knowing you hurt someone while you were drunk and then losing that person as a result.

    * Keep track of your drinks. If you know you don’t have a high tolerance, pace yourself. Stick to the safer side. Yeah, I know some of you are reading this like “if you don’t get blackout on your 21st, it sucks.” Getting alcohol poisoning and dying is worse. Take care of yourself. Make sure you stay hydrated to help your body metabolize the alcohol.

    * Eat beforehand. Food helps to slow the absorption of alcohol. Carb up so you don’t throw up.

    * Go out with people who you know will take care of you.

Enjoy your 21st birthday! I hope this article gave you a few ideas for yours and I hope it's a night you'll remember forever