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17 College Things That Don’t Make Sense

You would think that, as a junior, I have already come to understand why certain things are the way they are in college, but not at all. I’m just as confused as the freshman next to me as to why 8 a.m. classes must exist. Sorry fresh ones, the puzzled faces don’t go away. On the bright side, you’re not the only ones experiencing this because here are 17 #collegethings that just don’t make any sense. 


1. Tuition Raised Annually

Now this is just mind-boggling. They see we’re already struggling enough with the current tuition, so how is raising it going to make the situation any better?!


2. The Amount of Money You’re Going to Have to Pay Back

Yeah, it’s fine take all of my money! I’ll just be living in my car until I’m 75.


3. Paying for On-campus Food

We’re already trying to sell our organs to pay tuition and on top of that, we have to worry about finding the funds to pay for a fake Chipotle burrito? Nuh-uh honey.


4. Ice-breakers in Class

I will never grasp why professors have us go around the room to share things that no one cares about. Just leave us socially awkward folks alone, will ya?


5. Mandatory Attendance

How are you going to instill in us that we’re independent to attend as we please, but then go on to say that points will be deducted at the end of the semester if we miss more than two classes? So cruel.


6. Being Called on in Class

I thought this was college. Isn’t the professor supposed to not know my name? 


7. Going From a Chill Week of Just Light Readings to Having a Presentation, 2 Research Papers, 3 Discussion Board Posts and 5 Exams Due Next Week

Just when you thought to yourself, Hey maybe this semester won’t be so bad.


8. Gen-Ed Requirements

I’m taking an art class when I can’t even draw stick figures for my life. Brilliant idea to have us waste time instead of fulfilling our major requirements.


9. Cumulative Finals

Guess who’s hating herself for throwing away all the notes from the first exam?


10.Research Papers Longer Than a Twitter Feed

Can it at least be quadruple spaced? 


11. Citations

Let’s just face it; they’re always going to haunt us.


12. Group Projects

Enough said.


13.When Professors Make Useless Study-sheets

These should just be renamed to “what won’t be mentioned on the exam at all.”


14. Campus Suddenly Becoming Too Small

I pray everyday that I won’t run into my Tinder matches.


15. Being Told by Professors That Connections Matter More Than an Education

Wait, so why am I even here?!


16. ​Time Going by Way Too Fast

Can I just go back to high school?


​17. Thinking Maybe You’re Not Supposed to Understand and Have It all Figured Out

One day, you’ll look back on your college years and suddenly the pieces will fit together…at least I hope!

Carolyn Garcia is a Junior at Adelphi University. She was part of the Her Campus High School Journalism and Publicity Ambassador program during her junior year of high school and that opportunity was what allowed her to discover her passion of writing for media. Since then, she's become a Social Media rep for Seventeen, a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista.com, a Campus rep for Rent the Runway, a contributor for TheDaily411.com, and a Campus Ambassador for CAMBIO #BUILTBYGIRLS She's now the publicity/social media coordinator for Her Campus Adelphi, which she couldn't be more excited about. If you're interested in becoming best friends with her, you should tell her you love Taylor Swift and Chocolate Mint Tea.
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