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10 School Year Resolutions You Should Make This Year

1) Get Organized: This may seem like common knowledge, but getting 
organized makes getting back into the swing of things at school a whole lot 
easier. You could color code notebooks by class, keep a dry erase board in 
your room as a weekly calendar, or even just make a list of things you need to 
do. Prioritizing work and organizing your notes and assignments will make 
your workload a lot easier to tackle.
2) Budget: Budgeting may seem like a chore, especially during college, when 
the last thing you’re worrying about is how much your daily morning latte 
costs you. But creating a budget, even if it’s more of a guideline than anything 
else, will help you to keep track of your bank account, and will make it easier 
to save some money for those shoes you’ve been eyeing!
3) Stay Active: No matter what your plans are for this semester, staying active 
should be part of them. Not only does staying active help maintain good 
health, but it can also clear your mind and act as a stress relief. And whether 
your fitness plan includes a three-hour daily workout, or just a walk around 
campus each morning, staying active is something you should stay on top of 
this semester.
4) Make New Friends: College is a time where you’ll meet all sorts of new 
people. And whether you’re just starting out as a freshman, or this is your 
senior year, there are always new people to meet. So go on, start up a 
conversation with the girl who always sits next to you in your English class. 
She might just be your new best friend.
5) Relax: All your schoolwork, club meetings, and studying can really stress you 
out. That’s why it’s important to set aside time for yourself and relax. If you 
overwork yourself, the work that you do won’t be as good as the work you 
would do if you had a clear mind. So make some popcorn, put in your favorite 
movie, and forget about that paper that’s due next week.
6) Try New Things: Even if this isn’t your first year at college, staying in your 
comfort zone the whole time just isn’t fun, so try new things! Whether it be 
new food, activities, or even taking a class that you’ve always been interested 
in, trying something new is a great way to open your mind and have new 
7) Be More Involved: This goes hand-in-hand with trying new things – go 
to more on-campus events, games, or try joining a new club. Being more 
involved not only builds up your resume, but gives you the opportunity to 
meet new people, and maybe even find something new that you’re really 
interested in!
8) Amp Up Your Wardrobe: You know those outfits that you’ve always wanted 
to wear but for whatever reason, they’ve just been sitting in your closet 
untouched? Now’s the time to rock them! Wear those new boots to class, or 
try wearing colors you don’t normally wear. Don’t be afraid to be yourself 
and wear whatever makes you happy!
9) Take More Photos: No, I don’t mean take more photos of your lunch to post 
on Instagram. Take more photos of the times that make you smile, laugh until 
you cry, or just times that you want to remember. You’ll never regret taking 
photos of the people and places that make you who you are.
10) Use A New Campus Resource: If you’ve never hit the campus gym, try it 
this semester! Never been in the theatre? Go see a student play! There are so 
many different resources on campus, probably some that you don’t even know 
about, so this semester make it a point to take advantage of the resources your 
campus has to offer.
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