Why you Should Wear Colourful Clothes this Autumn/Winter?

At the moment, it’s very cold in Aberdeen. Even though it’s extremely cold and you have to bundle up, you can still use your sense of style in this season. Most people tend to wrap themselves up in dark clothes – black, navy, grey, and brown are the colours you will most commonly see among the student community.


I find it interesting as to why people choose these colours. I think that it can tell us a lot about the person who’s hiding beneath the dark clothes such as maybe not wanting to stand out, or just caring about staying warm.

Nevertheless, if you see several people wearing dark clothes at once, it can remind you of being at a funeral. I believe student life should not be a funeral, but a celebration of life despite the gloomy weather.


In the last few days, I have started wearing brighter colours again such as purple, red, green and of course my beloved, yellow poncho.


An artist once told me that colours would lift me up after I had been having a hard time with my mental health. I had already been using many different colours whilst I was painting, but I had never really applied it to the way I dress until afterward. I wear very bright colours during the summer and now I think it’s time to express my quirky personality in the clothes I wear during the winter as well.


Wearing colourful clothes will not only lift your mood, but you will feel better about yourself, and you will simply shine among your peers. When putting together an outfit,  you can buy accessories with different layers of colours – even tiny details such as earrings can brighten your outfit.


The colour you are subconsciously drawn to can reveal a lot about your personality and your mood. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of different colours and what they can mean:


Red stands for fire and passion and is the colour that makes you stand out in a crowd. It says: “Here I am today!”

Blue stands for being calm and relaxed. It is good for when you need to communicate and do presentations. It says to the world: “I am listening!”

Green symbolises nature and the environment. It tells others: “I am close to nature and want to protect the planet!”

Orange is the symbol of originality and is an eye-catcher. It says: “I am happy!”

Purple is a very mysterious, spiritual, intuitive and artistic colour. It tells the world “I want to express myself!”

Pink shows a positive attitude and is bubbly. It says: “Let’s have a chat!”

Yellow symbolises the sun and optimism, and says: “Let’s have some fun and sunshine!”


You can find loads of inspiration on Pinterest and I hope for your next shopping trip, that you will buy something fun, sparkly and colourful!


image sourced from google images