Why You Have to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Why You Have to Watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia




Premiering on FX in 2005 and hitting our British Netflix in 2012, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been a major hit internationally. The series follows “the Gang”, a group of five underachieving sociopaths who are named as follows:


Charlie Kelly – an illiterate yet warm-hearted alcohol substance abuser

Dennis Reynolds – a narcissistic, vain and selfish tool

Ronald “Mac” McDonald – a closet-homosexual who likes to brag about his skills in martial arts, but runs away at the hint of danger

Deandra “Sweet Dee” Reynolds – twin sister of Dennis, aspiring (yet talentless) actress, and regular butt of all the gang’s jokes

Frank Reynolds – the legal father of Dennis and Dee, potential biological father of Charlie, and a bit of a pervert


Without giving too much away, here are seven reasons why you need to watch It’s Always Sunny!



  1. It’s a quick and easy watch

If you’re looking for something to shove on the TV/laptop/i-Pad/whatever while you’re getting ready in the morning or grabbing a quick bite to eat before you head out, these 20 minute episodes are perfect for you!


  1. If you enjoy close-to-the-bone humour, you’ll love It’s Always Sunny

WARNING! This show is not for the easily offended! Packed with crude and cutting humour, if you have thick skin it’ll be an absolute treat.



  1. The cast created the show

Believe it or not, the actors behind Charlie, Dennis and Mac were friends before the show began! The show was created by Rob McElhenney (Mac) and co-written by him, Charlie Day (Charlie) and Glenn Howerton (Dennis). If the cast hadn’t been good friends to start with, it’s safe to say the show would not be as hilariously entertaining as it is today.


  1. You will fall in love with Charlie

Being an alcohol substance addict, you would imagine that Charlie might not be a very relatable character, but I will eat my hat if he is not your all-time favourite character by the end of season 1!!


  1. You will see Danny DeVito in a whole new light

You’re probably used to seeing Danny DeVito in a light-hearted cartoonish movie role, but not in It’s Always Sunny. Here, DeVito plays Frank, a disgusting old man who enjoys getting high and getting himself in some questionable situations.




  1. You will learn all about the D.E.N.N.I.S. system

Trust me when I say you aren’t human if Dennis doesn’t give you shivers up your spine at some point during the 11 (soon to be 12 on Netflix) seasons. His system for seducing the opposite sex may have something to do with it:

Demonstrate value

Engage physically

Nurture dependence

Neglect emotionally

Inspire hope

Separate entirely





I’ve saved the best 'til last. One of Charlie’s greatest achievements in the show comes in season 4, where he pulls off the ambitious goal of writing and staging a musical. The gang all pull together to put on the performance of their lives, and it is most definitely a joy to watch. FUN FACT: The episode was such a success that the cast took the musical on tour in real life, putting on shows in six cities across the US!! Maybe one day they’ll decide to treat us here in the UK… Fingers crossed!