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Why the World Needs Her Campus

Now you have probably all seen the horrible articles that circle online such as the article “5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder” and many more shocking and clearly wrong pieces of writing published on the web. It’s the sad reality that there are literally hundreds of thousands of articles online that make these types of sexist and rude claims.

These sites make sensational and horrid claims to grab readers’ attention and get them to visit their site, dont do it! Resist the temptation to binge-read all the hate they are spewing. It’s not worth your time!

Sites like Manosphere, TotalFratMove, and VivalaManosphere are not written for you. Her Campus is written for you. This is a place where you can read about issues that matter to you and suggest us to write about issues that matter to you. It’s all about you!

Some guys who write things for those other websites do not understand that what they write matters. They don’t realise the effect their writing can have. Many of those articles claim that they are just satire, but they are not. Here’s a hint, satire means it is something you do not actually believe. If you believe what you wrote, it is not satire, but it can be and often is offensive.  

Ladies, please do not waste your time on these sites! They try to pull you in with outrageous headlines because then you will talk about it on every social media site and then all of your friends will go read it too and get them more and more hits! When you bring up how offensive the article is, and share it on your wall, the article and the site get more traffic, and that’s exactly what the writers want. Let’s not give them that kind of power.

Plus, you can’t argue with most of these writers—I do not doubt your personal ability to respond, I am just warning you that you will be censored. The writers of those sites are not going to listen to well thought out responses. If they wrote something so horrible they probably don’t care to learn about the other side of the argument. When men argue women shouldn’t be educated, we as educated women are the last people they are likely to listen to.

If you are lucky enough to be able to comment on the articles, your comments will probably be changed. Numerous comments have been edited with additions like “Wah,” or “I’m just a big cry baby.” Oh and if you are super lucky, they won’t edit your comment, but just respond with tons of insults.

You don’t need that. You are intelligent and funny and you have great things to say. Please use sites that respect that. Put your opinion on sites like Her Campus. I am by no means telling you not to respond to offensive sites, please do. Make sure your voice is heard, but make it productive by doing it where you’ll actually be heard.

All you lovely Uni ladies out there matter and your views matter. That is why we have devoted an entire magazine to you and what matters to you!

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