Why Jay Shetty is the Motivational Speaker of Our Time

Why Jay Shetty is the Motivational Speaker of Our Time


In recent years, numbers of motivational speakers have dramatically increased, as more and more people want to share their life advice and wisdom with people. This goes beyond mere pep talks, as these events sell out – big names taking the stage to motivate audiences who could fill an arena. Many of them use social media to spread their messages, and Jay Shetty is a perfect example. Described by Russell Brand as someone who has ‘the eyes of a Bengali tiger and the mind of a sage’, Jay Shetty uses Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to make, in his own words, his ‘wisdom go viral’.


What I like about Jay Shetty is his approach and the themes he talks about: relationships, success, and self-confidence. We as young adults can relate to his videos and social media posts because  his story-telling hinges on themes that we, as millennials, struggle with. Jay Shetty brings us back into the present reality, without losing his sense of compassion and kindness.


Jay Shetty’s personal life is sheds some light, having been suspended from school multiple times. He experimented a lot as a teenager, but two major events in his life had a lasting effect on him, losing two friends at the age of sixteen. He became aware how precious life can be and from that moment on, Shetty changed his perception on life. After graduating from Cass Business School in London, he decided to become a monk and travel all over the world to spread his message.

However, after three years he hung up his cloak, and working at different companies. One could say that through the Huffington Post, Jay Shetty got his breakthrough as a senior host and producer. Now he has been featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Class of 2017.


One of his most recent videos, ‘Before You Feel Pressure: Everyone’s Timing is Different’ is again another uplifting and inspirational video. A school principal tells his year eleven students what they are going to achieve in the future by counting the years. Then, someone from the audience raises their hand. He steps us and says: ‘I’m sorry Mr. Headmaster, let me tell you why that approach might fail you.’


 It’s Jay Shetty and he gives several examples to show that each person has different timing in their life.  He quotes Albert Einstein: ‘Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted truly counts.’  He reminds the pupils of living a meaningful and fulfilling life which has an impact on other people and make a difference in the world. In the end, Jay Shetty redefines the idea of success.


I wish there were more people on this earth who want to make the world a better place, because we need more kindness and love on this little planet and Jay Shetty’s viral wisdoms are constant reminders of this world view.



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The  link to the video https://jayshetty.me/before-you-feel-pressure/