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During this spooky season, with the rain and the fog going down on Aberdeen, you may just want to lay on your couch and watch some horror movies, spooky TV shows, or animated series. But horror movies are not just gore or screamers, so here are my favorite horror movies or Halloween watch recommendations so you cannot pretend that you have nothing to watch!  

1. Hereditary: a horror movie which – in my humble opinion – has not received the attention it deserves. A paranormal movie written and realized in 2018 by Ari Aster – which you may know for Midsommar. But if you did not like Midsommar don’t worry! Because neither did I but Hereditary is a masterpiece of the genre! It portrays how a family deals with the grief of a strange and enigmatic grandma, who left many mysteries behind her. This movie is incredible because of the tension it creates: the horror in this film comes from the family itself as we watch them getting destroyed by the grief which turns the members of the family against each other. 

2. The Cabin in the Woods: This one belongs to a completely different genre and represents my unpopular opinion. The Cabin in the Woods, realized in 2012 by Drew Goddard, is a horror movie parody, as it mocks the clichés of supernatural movies in a really interesting way. Five students: the always high nerd, the jock, the blond, the love interest, and the Virgin are all going into a cabin, guess where? Oh my god, you are right – in the woods! However, their decisions and actions seem to be dictated by someone else… A really funny movie to watch with your friends and some beers!  

3. The Blair Witch Project: A classic of the genre. This movie, realized in 1999 which was written and directed by Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez is one of the first “found-footage” horror movies such as Paranormal Activity or Cloverfield. This movie relates the story of three cinema students, who goes into the woods to film a documentary about a legend of a witch. The movie is amazing because of its realism created by the POV-shots. This movie will make your heart race and will do so without any screamer. Warning: you may never be able to camp again in your life.  

4. Coraline: I could not do those recommendations without putting one of my favorite movies ever – the animated film: Coraline. Realized in 2009, by Henry Selick, relates the story of Coraline, who has just moved into a new house, in which she found a tunnel to another world, populated with another mother and father. Coraline teaches us to be careful when confronted with gifts, and a life that seems a little too good to be true. The stop-motion animation as well as the buttons (if you know, you know) creates a really creepy atmosphere that has traumatized many!   

5. Incantation: Realized in 2022 and available on Netflix, I found this movie early this year and wanted to write about it ever since! Incantation is a strange and disturbing movie, also part of the “found footage” subgenre, in which we follow the video-diary of a young mother as she just got back the custody of her daughter. Although some scenes might be a bit ridiculous, the general atmosphere of the movies is thrilling and will for sure make you uncomfortable!  

6. Over the Garden Wall: This animated TV show created by Patrick McHale which was premiered in 2014 is also one of my favorite pieces to watch on Halloween! This show will not scare you but it definitely has a spooky atmosphere! A watch for people who might not like horror movies but enjoys Halloween and the fall season. It narrates the story of two brothers Wirt and Greg who got lost in the forest populated by strange creatures!  

7. Rocky Horror Show: Another recommendation for people who might not like horror movies but who love drama and musicals. Rocky Horror Show is a musical realized by Richard O’Brien in 1973 and was intended as a homage to horror B movies of the 30s and 60s. Strange, funny, and a must-watch!  

8. Scream: “What is your favorite horror movie”? The impressive part of this movie is that it is intended to be a parody of a slasher but did in fact become a classic of the genre. A slasher movie is a subgenre in which a group of people is usually chased and killed by – yes – a killer. Scream is incredibly funny and great to watch with your friends who might be scared easily.  

9. The Thing: If you are more into thrillers rather than slashers or gore movies, there is a great chance you might like to watch The Thing, realized by John Carpenter in 1982. It represents, with Aliens, one classic Sci-Fi horror movie. In Antarctica, a group of American researchers encounters an alien life form that is able to imitate organisms. Suspenseful, this film will make you hold your breath until the last minute!  

10. The Hills have Eyes: This last recommendation is for the fans of the gore. If you like blood and violence, and believe that nothing can disgust you, you might want to try The Hills Have Eyes. Realized by Wes Craven (also realized Scream, The Swamp Thing, A Nightmare on Elm Street, …) in 1977 (remake in 2006), this movie relates the Carter family’s encounter with a deranged population living in the Hills. A good amount of trigger warnings come with this movie so be sure that it’s something you want to watch – because I am traumatized.  

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