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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Aberdeen chapter.

What NOT to do on a date



Whether it’s you’re first date or your fortieth, here’s a couple tips from HCAU’s dating Guru. These should hopefully spark off a few light bulbs of what may be going wrong but if you’re pretty much perfect then maybe it’ll be the list of red-lights that you can look out for if you keep finding yourself with Mr. Wrong.

Talking Politics


Never, never, never talk about politics on a date. This is one that I’ve experienced first-hand and it’s just awkward more than anything. If finding out that someone voted for a particular party is going to be a massive turn off then PLEASE don’t ask. My mum and dad have been happily married for around twenty-four years, they enter the polling station together, leave together and refrain from mentioning what happened in-between. This is definitely key if you want to avoid conflict or arguments. 

Laughing and Languages


This is kind of a two-rules-in-one deal. I haaaaate this one and if either one crops up on a first date god knows I’m swerving a second. So here it goes; never ask someone to make you laugh or speak a foreign language. Look, if I’m telling you about my summer in Italy I don’t really want to start listing off the random vocabulary I’ve learned in a crap accent, just let me tell my story and sip my drink. Worse than that though is the ‘tell me a joke’ line. I’d seriously like to know where this came from, who this works for and if anyone’s actually laughed as a result of this line. It’s awkward and its puts way too much pressure on us! Nobody needs that ,and let me be the one who tell you, nobody wants that.

Home Towns


If someone tells you where you’re from don’t say you hate that place. This one just BAFFLES me. WHY when I tell you that I’m from Glasgow would you’re instinct be to reply “Ah I don’t like Glasgow”. It’s so rude. Like, no. If you’re reading this you’re probably at university and haven’t been home for a long time and you miss it. I mean the very last thing you need is someone telling you they could take it or leave it. Urgh, rude. Don’t ever do it.  

Try Hard


Now, don’t take this one as it is written. What’s important here is not trying TOO hard. Let me explain. If you take me on a first date and you’re super intense and you act like almost another person just to impress me, I’m not gonna be impressed in the long run. I’ve got no time for that. Be yourself and if being yourself isn’t going out for dinner then don’t take me to a super fancy restaurant on our first date. It’s just so pointless and nobody end up happy. Always be kind and polite, that’s a given. Just don’t change your personality or anything about yourself in order to impress. 

If you’re out and you realise your date fits all of these DON’Ts I would recommend making the most of the table wine and meeting your friends after for a de-brief. If not then you’re in luck and you’ve somehow managed to bag a babe- congrats!

Good luck and Happy Dating.



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