Welcome To The Committee: Tamarra Binnie

Welcome to the Committee: Tamarra Binnie


Name: Tamarra Michelle Binnie

Degree: Primary Education (MA)

Year: 4th Year

Committee Position: President

One of our new editors, Beverley, caught up with Tamarra, filling each other in on what’s been going on. Here is your starter guide to everything you need to know about our new president.


HC: Hey Tamarra! You’re one of the committee’s old hands. How are you looking forward to taking on this new role?  

TB: Heyyy! I’m super excited. Omg, I know! I feel like I’ve done it all at this point. From an active member to vice social and planning events then moving up to VP. I feel I’ve earned my president-ship especially since it’ll be my fourth year on the society and last year at university. It seems like the perfect way to end my uni experience! And as far as all thing HCAU 2017/18 I’m so so so excited, I love fresher’s prep and I know that the events team will be killing it!


HC: You’ve been with this society for quite a while now, and have worked your way up through the committee. Tell us how it feels to have reached president? And which role has been your favourite so far?

TB: Haha, maybe if you ask me in a couple months when I actually have to deal with juggling nannying, university and being president I’ll have a different answer! However, I’m loving it so far. I just want everyone to have fun and get along! With all the fun stuff we have planned I don’t see how it won’t work!


HC: So you have been au pairing this summer! How has that been, and how did you first get in to it?

TB: Yes I have! It was my second year in Madrid and sadly I was with a different family as I was last year. I’ve au paired 3 months every summer for 3 years and I would always convince gals to have go – it’s such a fun way to travel and meet people. However, I did have a little bit of a nightmare this year. I felt that my host mum had different expectations from me and it made some situations a little bit difficult and uncomfortable. Sometimes that’s to be expected with a language barrier though!


HC: And, of course, what piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about au pairing in the future?

TB: I would say try it! Be careful and plan ahead, never go somewhere without any money because you don’t want to be relying on your job in case something goes wrong. Always be respectful, remember it’s not your home and you have to learn to live with other people’s quirks. There are so many opportunities to meet likeminded gals and guys though! So bite the bullet and have a go.

HC: So, au pairing in the summer and studying primary teaching the rest of the year – what is it about working with kids that you most enjoy?

TB: Ahhhh I just love them! Apart from them being cute af, I also find them absolutely hilarious! You will never find anyone so savagely honest as a five year old, lemme tell ya!


HC: Now we’re all getting back into university mode, what is your favourite thing about being back?

TB: Other being able to go out on a weekday, I would have to say being reunited with my fellow prawns on the daily basis. Kitty and Katie are my ride or dies and hanging with those two little freaks makes life sooo much better in the, sometimes, grey Aberdeen.


HC: Okay, now can you tell us one thing that none of us knows about you?

TB: Oh my god that’s a hard one! Well, my sister’s getting married this year and I’m going to be chief bridesmaid which is possibly the most exciting thing that has ever happened! So I’m in the midst of trying on dresses and thinking of hen night ideas at the moment. I know, just another thing to plan and get stressed over (lol)

HC: Quick fire round:

Summer or winter? – 100% summer, I’m obsessed with rooftop bars and Instagram opportunities

Sweet or sour?  – Oh, I love a sour lollypop but I wouldn’t want one every day, so I’d have to go sweet

Favourite food? – Sushi definitely! It’s delish and healthy and like just a fun experience, ya know!

Favourite hobby? – I think I would have to say Her Campus! Meeting up with you gals and writing the articles are just so fun for me. I love it!


HC: Well hopefully everyone knows a bit more about our new president now! We wish you all the best in your new role – we know you’ll be great!


All images Tamarra's own