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Welcome to the Committee Julia Stockwell

Name: Julia Stockwell

Subject: Politics and International Relations

Year of Study: 4th year

Committee Position: Editor

Hey Julia! How was your summer? 

Hey!! It was super fun! I spent my time working and soaking up as much sun as possible before Aberdeen.

So, what would you say is your favourite thing about Her Campus?

My favorite thing about Her Campus is the freedom that we have to write about what we want. Nearly any article idea that you can think of falls under a Her Campus general topic! No one is telling us what we need to write, it’s all up to us! I also have to include that I love the fact that you don’t have to be an English major, a journalist or have any writing experience to write for Her Campus, you just need to be yourself and give it your best.

What made you join our wonderful society?

I have always been drawn to writing, whether it is creative or academic. In the future I could see myself being a journalist. Before her campus I often had article ideas popping up in my mind and was frustrated that I did not have an outlet to share my words. When I heard about Her Campus in 3rd year (yes, I wish I joined sooner) I knew it was the perfect place for me. I also joined because I wanted to expand my friendships!! I love the people in Her Campus!   

Do you have a favourite article from last year?

Yes I do!! My favorite article is one of the first articles that I wrote for Her Campus titled, The 4 Reasons I Deleted My Instagram. I am very proud of this article because I was very honest and raw and many people shared with me their own struggles with social media and self-confidence. The article also was a way of accepting the past and putting it behind me, sort of like writing in a diary. Very therapeutic!

This is your first year on the committee, excited? What made you want to run for a committee position?

I am SO excited to be an editor for Her Campus!! I ran for this position because I find editing strangely relaxing and fun. It also gives me the opportunity to read everyones’ articles early hehehe. Editing is so important to the publishing process because it prevents readers from being distracted by little mistakes and allows for the real point of the article(s) to be acknowledged. 

Do you have any advice for international students on how to settle into life in Aberdeen?

I am an international student myself and I am so happy that I chose to come to Aberdeen. I would say that it is important to find the beauty in Aberdeen and Scottish weather, even if it is greyer, and colder, and wetter than you are used to. Also, don’t let the UK system scare you! You will understand it soon enough. And lastly, don’t feel like you NEED to hangout with people from your own country, consider making friendships based on the quality of the person and not where they’re from!

Would you say you are different now to when you were in first year?

I am very different now compared to how I was in first year. What has changed the most is that I don’t party every night and I show up to all of my classes – mandatory or not!! Most importantly I don’t care too much about what others think of me. I have definitely matured in many ways, but deep down I am still the same old me LOL.

What would you say to first year you if you had the chance?

Don’t wait for others to contact you, make the first move – they don’t hate you.

What’s the dream job?

Editor in Chief of a major political magazine!! Or a fashion magazine . . . either is fine ;P 

Biggest celebrity crush?

Right now Tom Holland.

Quick Fire: 

Pizza or Pasta? BOTH.

Night in or night out? Depends on the company . . .

Vans or converse? Supergas!!

Interrailing or Road Trip? Roadtrip!

Cosmo or Martini? Cosmooo

Thanks Julia! Looking forward to hearing more from you this year!

Thanks Emily!! Can’t wait to jump into this year!

Emily Sullivan

Aberdeen '20

Vice President at HCAU xo Anthropology student at Aberdeen University.
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