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Original photo by Jade Kay

Welcome to the Committee Jade Kay

A spicy interview with our fabulous Queen P!

Name: Jade Kay

Age: 20

Degree: MA Philosophy

Year: 4th Year

Hello Jade, welcome to the committee! I have a few questions I’d love to ask you! Firstly, when and why did you join Her Campus?

I joined Her Campus in the second semester of my first year because my new flatmate (who you guys all now know as your VP) kept going on about this thing called Her Campus and how fun it was. I was a little bit lonely after moving to university, so I thought id give it a shot and it was the best thing I ever did!

And now you’re the president! How does that feel?

It honestly feels a little surreal. When I joined, I would barely speak or contribute and found myself feeling really awkward at socials. But somehow, I’ve managed to come full circle and now I’m the person leading this little pink ship and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

We wouldn’t change it for the world either, we are so lucky to have you! It’s especially nice to see you being president after being with HCAU all the way through university! Have you held any other committee positions during your time with us?

Yeah! I was vice-social secretary in my second year, and I was vice-president last year. Being president has definitely been my favourite position by far!

Do you have a stand-out favourite HCAU memory?

I think it has to be last year at King’s Ball when Her Campus won AUSA’s Big Heart Award. Last years president couldn’t be there, so I was kinda leading the committee for the evening and I was so proud. I sometimes go back and watch the video and get all emotional.

What makes us emotional is the thought that this is your last year! What are your plans for the future?

Gosh, I wish I knew. Can’t I just stay in HC forever?

At least you have another year of uni left to go! Why did you choose to study philosophy and what area do you find the most interesting?

It’s such a random degree to have chosen, I know, but I chose it because of a class that I picked up as extra in my last year of high school and because of the teachers that I had in that class. It was a Religious, moral and philosophical education class and I just clicked with it. The teachers were also amazing, and they had a massive impact on me choosing Philosophy as a degree. I really enjoy the ethics and morality side of philosophy; I just find it so interesting.

It’s not random at all – it sounds fascinating! We all know you for another of your interests though, make-up! As our resident make-up guru I’ve got some beauty themed quick-fire questions for you

Favourite lipstick & your go to colour?

My go to is usually a nude or a red but just now my favourite is one from Guerlain. It looks like its going to be black/dark purple but it’s actually a sheer kind of purple that’s quite natural.

Favourite eyeshadow palette & your go to look?

My favourite eyeshadow palette is Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker because its so colourful, but for my g-to everyday kinda look I would usually use the Naked 3 with all the pinks.

Favourite foundation?

Currently, it’s NYX’s Skin Veil, it’s like a BB cream so it just gives you that little bit of coverage.

Favourite highlight & or contour?

Favourite highlight has to be any from Wet N Wilde.

Mascara or fake lashes?

Mascara, I find that putting on fake eyelashes is more like a surgery than anything else and I can’t do it!

Glitter: cute or a disaster waiting to happen?

Its both. It can be super cute at the start of the night but by the end of the night it is guaranteed to be everywhere, and you’ll be finding it all over your room for weeks…

What one item of make-up can you not live without?

Eyeshadow, I love to play about with different looks and colours!

If you had to stop doing one part of your make-up FOREVER what would it be?

Probably eyebrows, they grow far to fast and it’s always such a task!

Moving on from make-up artistry, you have some permanent art on you too! Your tattoos are super cute, how many do you have? Do they have any stories behind them?

Yeah, I have 4, but my favourite is a little owl on my ankle. Owls are the guardians of secrets and when I was quite young, my great granny and I had a secret that we wouldn’t tell anyone. I still haven’t told a soul, and after she passed away, I wanted something to remember her by.

That is such a special way to do that! I’m sure she would have been very touched to know that you’ve kept that secret all this time! Someone else I’m sure keeps your secrets is our Vice President – you and Emily have been best friends for a long time, what is your favourite story to tell about your friendship?

Honestly, there’s so many because our friendship is becoming more like a marriage. I think it’s the little stupid things I like telling people; like the time we had a half hour discussion to see if we were ready to upgrade to a bigger sized milk. Or the fact that we’re both big foodies and always eat too much together, take it waaay to far and end up in so much pain, we still can’t go near Cosmos!

We will have to keep an eye on you two at our next HCAU meal then! Returning to chatting about our chapter, what is your favourite article you’ve ever written?

It definitely has to be the article I did on the comparison between the Naked Heat Palette and a £2 Primark palette. It was the first make-up one that I did and I found it all really exciting.

We are excited to read more of your reviews! Last question before you go, what are you most excited about for the year ahead?

Honestly, everything. It might be my last year in HCAU so I want to take it all in and make the most of it!

We hope it isn’t your last year, our lego girls don’t want to wave goodbye! Thank you for answering all of these questions, it’s been great getting to know a little bit more about our head of committee!

Emily - Rose

Aberdeen '21

Fourth Year Music Student at the University of Aberdeen 21 year old aspiring opera singer Hamster mum
Jade Kay

Aberdeen '20

Philosophy student at Aberdeen with an interest in entertainment reviews, tips, tricks, make-up and positivity.
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