Welcome to the Committee Emma Mailanen

Name: Emma Mailanen

Studying: Psychology and Sociology

Year: 3rd

Committee Position: Treasurer


HC: Hey, it’s so good to see you again! Let’s get started with an easy one: when did you join HerCampus?

EM: I joined during my first year at uni! It’s the only society I’ve properly been involved in but I have no regrets.

HC: That’s what we like to hear! So what made you want to become a committee member two years in a row?

EM: I really enjoy planning and organising stuff so being in the committee is super fun for me. As a treasurer, I get to meet and interact with loads of old and new members regarding memberships and merch orders which is really nice too.

HC: I think merch orders are one of my favourite parts of the society! What’s your favourite part of being a member?

EM: I just love the atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and I’ve gotten loads of friends through HCAU. The best society definitely!

HC: Aw I agree with you there, we’re definitely the best society! Continuing in that vein, what’s your favourite society memory?

EM: Ahh, I can’t choose! It’s probably either the sh*t shirt pub crawl or the ABBA night out. Sooo many good memories and really bad pictures.

Jade, Amy, Mauragh, Emma and Meridyth

HC: So what are you most looking forward to, and what are you planning on writing about this year?

EM: I just hope we have an amazing year, get lots of members and generally have a good time together whether it is just chatting in Bobbin after a writers meeting or getting steaming on a pub crawl. Writing-wise I’ve been thinking about doing an article series but haven’t decided on the theme yet haha.

Quick fire:

HC: Favourite club in Aberdeen?

EM: They all have their nights but I mostly find myself in Underground

HC: Summer or winter?


HC: Go to Bobbin order?

EM: Just fries or a chicken burger

HC: Going out or staying in?

EM: I’m slowly turning towards staying in kinda person…. Shocking, I know!

HC: Go to Yankee candle scent?

EM: I like to change them around so I don’t really get same ones too often. My faves at the moment are pink grapefruit and passion fruit martini

Emma and her 9-year old chihuahua & russian toy mix Iitu.